9 photos for 9 years

This is too cute. This kid is going to become one great woman. 🙂

Diane Parsons Photography

Sigh…today is the day…the day my baby turns 9.  I think her age milestones hurt me more than my own!  She’s not my baby any more, she’s my 9 year old.  A 9 year old who is getting into so many things and loving her own things.

She has always been intrigued with women in history and biographies of women.  For her 6th birthday she asked for biographies of Helen Keller and Amelia Earhart.  We love the fact that she looks up to these strong, amazing women in history!

When I saw the project that Jaime Moore posted, I got inspired (a super duper huge thank you to Sue Miles for showing me this blog and set my wheels turning!!)!  Why can’t we do 9 heroines for her 9th birthday?  So we did!!  I asked Alexandra to chose 9 strong women that she looks up to from history and this…

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