Abuses against protestors in Turkey: Amnesty calls for Urgent Action [Updated]

Take action and support the people of Turkey..

Human Rights in Turkey

With tens of thousands of protestors crossing by foot across the bridge connecting the Asian and European sides of the city it is clear that the protests in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey are intensifying.  News reports indicate that “police from as far afield as Antalya are being drafted in to help quell the violence.”

The Turkish government has clearly taken a hard line.  Prime Minister Erdogan is quoted by the BBC as saying, “Police were there (Taksim Square) yesterday; they’ll be on duty today and also tomorrow because Taksim Square cannot be an area where extremists are running wild.”

In fact, it is the police who seem to be “running wild,” using force excessively and indiscriminately.  Here is the latest from Amnesty:

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