When I was young..

As time goes by I find myself reflecting on those days of innocence. Back when “fun” was all about digging up holes, climbing up trees and setting up a tea party with Mr. Teddy, Barbie and Ferby. We weren’t allowed to stay up late and going anywhere required a consent letter from the big bosses AKA Mom & Dad. I remember growing up not caring about putting lipstick or the way I used to dress up like the other boys when I clearly am a girl. My best fashion statement was the gigantic space platforms, ugly baggy overalls, an NBA jersey and the infamous hair mascara..

This is pretty much how my wardrobe looked like..

Dear lord.. what was I thinking..

I’m sorry, Mickey.. 😦

NO. Just.. no.

I’m thankful though that my taste in music was not as horrible as my taste in fashion..

First tape I purchased was Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill followed by Bjork’s Post..

Needless to say, I had my down moments..

I have no excuse..

What the hell was wrong with AJ?!

Well, we all went through THAT phase and believe me: I strongly believe that the 90s were probably the worst 10 years in the history of fashion and music industry. I still managed to survive.

I’m sorry, Nick. This has totally ruined your whole life while it was ahead of you.

Cellphones only emerged around 97.. I managed to get my first although technically speaking I never got to use it because none of my friends had one and calling Mom was not exactly cool but well.. I carried one back than.. I was a hipster!

Hey! Those were cool back then!

I remember the first time I tried to shape my eyebrows.. I was scared shitless when I remembered later on that my mother might see them and give me a good slap for messing with my face..!

OK.. they weren’t THAT bad..

I remember my first crush. I started dressing up for this one..!

I was on FIRE!

Unfortunately, I never managed to talk to him.. we used to write each other notes and pass them along with my best friend who eventually snatched him from me. What a bitch!


But it was all OK as long as I had these somewhere hidden in my closet..

And yes.. we had our Justin Beiber…

We’ve had our share of ups and downs, good news and bad news.. but the 90s passed and we have survived this decade with flying colors.. too many of them!

Yes. You ARE bad.

Skipping to the year 2013.. 13-15 years later.. I look back on those moments and wonder: were the 90s really the worst 10 years of anyone’s life..?

I might have one extra reason that will definitely crown the above: those born in it.

Teenagers these days.. what the hell happened to them? Our bad taste in music and fashion might have caused a mutation in the social behavior of teens nowadays.

With the Internet being technically free and available for everyone to use, every 8 year old can easily access literally anything they want. Social media has made it even easier for them to explore the World Wide Web. Before Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, you had to go through hoops to find adult material. Nowadays, you just like or follow and you have it delivered to your newsfeed. Age verified or not; you will receive your updates and if you don’t, you have millions of other “sources”.

Below are some examples of what I came across on Facebook.. it didn’t take me much to stumble upon a page that is packed with teen fans..

Sexy Adding Game

And here’s how it works:

Starts with a simple and cute update..

Starts simple and cute..


More options now..


Most of those on the page are illegal…!

Come on!

Let the crazy adding begin!

Poor little man..

Poor little man..

The admin posts an image of "her" asking them to comment if they're horny.. her's some of the comments..

The admin posts an image of “her” asking them to comment if they’re horny.. here are some of the comments..

A couple of screenshots from another page.. this page, however was a page that posts images of naked women.. the number of pages under the name “Sexy teen” is SCARY.. check out the fans..


Both are VERY WELL under 18..!

It is obvious that those pages don’t even care about what happens as long as they get more “likes”.

Speaking about likes, the number of pages on Facebook run by teenage admins is so alarming. Practically, any teenager/child can start a page, name it whatever they want and post whatever shit they want to post. The topics are endless. Love quotes, funny memes, Twilight junkies and even Jesus.. how do they get more fans..?






and there seems to be an urge for “Facebook fame”..




Good God..

Let’s see one of those “Facebook famous” kids and how they conduct themselves with their followers..


Well, at least he’s against teen pregnancy..!


114 people are NOT pregnant.. but with that attitude, I can’t guarantee how long this will last!



Nope. You can’t save those, Pete.

Some of those young fellows intrigued me.. so I took a look at their profiles.. and here’s some of the chilling discoveries..


Former 69 at my mom’s bed..? The hell does that mean?! PS: That girl is 15….

No wonder these kids have gone haywire these days.. who listens to Nicki Minaj?!

No wonder these kids have gone haywire these days.. Marijuana..? Certified swag? Nicki – FREAKIN’- Minaj…!!! Who the hell would listen to Nicki Minaj?!


One of the groups she’s in.. I’m not sure she or the other two fellows there know what the hell this group is all about..

Another example is there to serve as a double example of the next dominant issue..

See, not only is this kid being racist with the Kool Ain and KFC cover picture.. but notice how his friend called him gay.

Not only is this kid being racist with the Kool Aid and KFC cover picture.. but notice how his friend called him gay.

Notice something..?

Notice something..?


Yeah.. what is that “suppose” to be..

Let’s see more example..


Maddie needs anger management..

Yes. Very..

Yes. Very..

No comment..

No comment.. a 15 year old talking about semen..


Semen is a hit!


Take tips from this dude.. he’s the sh*t!


Maddie is impulsive.. and they love it!

Not to mention the racism. I don’t believe a child could develop such a mentality unless the people surrounding them were repeating the same shit those kids says over and over. The amount of times I see racist replies from kids toward other kids that have names that indicate race or religious belief or even speaking any other language are countless and most of the time uncalled for..


Because Muslim chicks don’t have legs.

How lovely..

How lovely..

I wanted to see if the reporting mechanism on Facebook serves its purpose properly since this kid is obviously breaching one of Facebook’s community standards. I have tried to see how the people behind Facebook function. I reported that comment for hate speech and this was the result:


According to the details, hate speech includes posts or photos that attack a person based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or medical condition. And according to them, the did not find any violation in that comment. I went back to the terms page and here is a shocking finding:

It's OK to be racist as long as you're joking about it.

It’s OK to be racist as long as you’re joking about it.

Not only is the above statement shocking, but it kind of sets the whole thing into perspective.

In the adult world, I do realize what humorous speech is. But nothing is funny about being racist and nothing is “challenging” about disrespecting others even if we are joking. Racism is racism no matter how you sugarcoat it and the fact that this is up for kids to read, I wouldn’t be surprised if one kid punched the other in the face yelling “HAHA! I’m just kidding!

It is plainly unacceptable to me. PERIOD.

The problem with Facebook and its administration is that they fail to also realize that their lack of control over such a massive platform is one of the major reasons of online bullying, teen suicides and it majorly helps pedophiles pick and choose their victims.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Amanda Todd, the teenager who got bullied by her schoolmates after some a-hole managed to publish images of her flashing him in what seemed to be one mistake that cost her agony and eventually her life. Amanda Todd committed suicide after the bullying was so unbearable. Amanda’s last cry for help..

When I heard about the unfortunate and heartbreaking story of a teen who obviously fell victim to a low life scum bag, I decided to pay respect by checking if they had set up a page on Facebook since I couldn’t physically be there.

The amount of negative comments on the page was shocking. From people disapproving suicide to teenagers mocking her previous suicide attempts and high fiving each other for this great achievement: Amanda’s departure. I felt disgusted. Ashamed of our human race and what it has reached. Kids gloating the death of another unfortunate child who was obviously so hurt and lonely that the only way out was for her to leave this world altogether.

A few months later, I come across this page:

hei ai am amander toad wi r nt endorsin or vitumisin suciide nd if u dnt lik butthurt den fuk awf lel

Hi i am amanda “toad”
we are not endorsing or victimizing suicide and if you don’t like butthurt then f— off lol

Hi Hitler, you wanna see my boobs? Fuck off you greasy slut LOL Please Hitler

Hi Hitler, you wanna see my boobs?
F— off you greasy s— LOL
Please Hitler

The posts are endless.. and it is absolutely disgusting to see people finding joy in someone else’s pain and agony. I can’t even come to think of what possessed those running the page and making these cartoons but it is disgusting and I sure hope that they get what they deserve for being sick perverts.

Moving on to a less painful yet still painful issue with teenagers.

While Facebook lacks all means of control over its platform making, it a playground to sexual predators and idiot kids with a lack of parental supervision and proper education; Youtube tries to maintain a platform free of R rated content. Yet you can always find a link or two on any video leading to porn resources, a dozen thousand of videos that promote hate speech and racism, violence as well as animal abuse and many more. With the Internet nowadays, you can easily learn how to build bombs or defame your high school mates and get a way with it. It’s OK to do something stupid for 15 minutes of fame.. suck on a tampon? 15-year-old Giovanna Plowman did it and she’s getting money so WOOT WOOT!

It's all for the money...

I ain’t gonna argue with the first sentence..

And what happened when some chick attempted to “outdo” Gionvanna here and get her share of benjis? Boy, was our little vampire annoyed..!

You tell her, vampy!

You tell her, vampy!

How wonderful..

Another video caught my attention..

Remember when your mother used to force you into wearing/eating/doing whatever she wants and the mere thought of opening your mouth guaranteed you a good smack across the face?

That does not apply to this dude here..

He wanted some Mickey D’s, she brought him some Chinese which apparently tastes like dog meat.. he also wanted a Mercedes but instead.. she got him a Bentley! Well, f— you mom! Really.. how could you?

Some of the deep appreciation the teenagers these days display towards their mothers.. and anyone else’s mother, if necessary..



Yo mama jokes are not new.. yet back in the days, I never had someone tell me a “Yo Mama” joke.. nowadays, every Mama is subject to a Yo Mama joke at some point! And everyone seems to be doing everyone’s Mama..

When tackling the threats of the Internet on children and the lack of censorship and supervision by parents, schools and caretakers, the issues are endless. I cannot support censoring the Internet as people have the right to have access to anything they want. With children and teenagers, I am beginning to believe that it is about time we took control. Parental supervision is a must. Age verification shouldn’t be an issue if those social media outlets cared enough to address such horrible abuse of its platforms. I know it might sound ridiculous but I am sure there is a way to make the Internet a safer place for future generations. A place where this doesn’t need to happen for a kid to feel accomplished:


Technology is a double edged sword. Without the Internet, we wouldn’t be able to reach out to others and learn to settle our differences and coexist. It saves us time and money to travel all over the world. We make friends from across oceans with a simple click and we get to learn and experience things with another. But with children nowadays, I don’t think most of them realize the importance of the Internet. They rather choose to abuse it. Girls are growing up faster and dressing up according to what is “shared” and “liked” the most. Clowns are setting examples to kids while libraries and even the Internet harbor millions of amazing role models that have changed our lives and history by all means they could.  But instead…

My humanity hurts..

My humanity hurts..


Pedophile tool

They have their own species..

More like: abuser..? attacker..? Scumbagger?

Poor creature..

I honestly have a million other things to talk about but this is really depressing.. I know I will be posting about this topic again. Until then, don’t forget to..


cuz #yolo..

6 thoughts on “When I was young..

  1. Holey moley, that’s a long post. You mention my favourite people – Giovanna Plowman, Samantha Marie (the canine lover), but you missed out on Jessi Slaughter and Aurora Eller, though. I will come back to have a proper read again – it’s a bit too much to take in all at once.

    • haha yeah it is that’s when I get carried away with all the juicy stuff and can’t seem to stop!
      Jessi Slaughter…… oh dear Lord.. please save that poor child. I thought I had a bad mouth but this kid definitely beat me. What is wrong with kids!
      Thanks for stopping by. Cheers! 🙂

    • That poor Jessi needs a blog dedicated to her cause. Those parents of hers need some serious bashing for supporting such behavior. Instead of giving her a good ol’ mouthful of shaming, they’re actually encouraging her. What a sick world..

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