The rape video: just a few statistics..

Soooo… how are you doing today? 😀
I knew it. I knew you people would come and read that post! Curiosity killed the cat! 😛
Yesterday, I wrote a post about a dude taping his girlfriend being raped by friends in an attempt to highlight facts about sexual harassment and assault in Egypt specifically and the world in general. I tried to highlight the fact that it is used as a scare tactic and maybe get a few of the readers to know how it feels to be harassed.

Regardless whether that worked or not, boy-oh-boy was it interesting to read the statistics!

Clickity click!!

Clickity click!!

See, the screenshot of the video link itself was the most clicked! People thought I would actually post a link to a rape video!

I’m sorry, I should have removed the hyperlink. It was a mistake that kind of shows to which extent people are curious even though my post was clearly stating that the link itself is a spam link..! I don’t think anyone would willingly click a spam link but I’ll make sure I put this interesting discovery into consideration next time I attempt to hack someone.

Click that link..! I DARE YOU!

Click that image..! I DARE YOU!

Moving on to the search terms..

While Princess Ameerah Al Taweel’s fashion choices were among the top search term, the rest of the search terms say a lot..

search terms

I would sure love to see the faces of those individuals clicking their way through..

Where’s my porn! 😦 NOT FAIR!

Another thing I’ve noticed is the disappointment of some of the boys.. I even got messages asking me to send them the link..

You want the damn link? HERE. I hope you feel better now!

I have a question.. are you seriously that lonely?

Put your hand up (if you know what I mean)

If you like it then you should have put a bullet in the head.

If you like it then you shoulda put a bullet in the head.

Those sad statistics are only those of 1 day.. that post was the second most viewed post on my blog! I understand curiosity but the search terms and some of the reactions and the fact that some viewers might click that image believing that it would lead to a link is just sad.

I seriously wish some people could take things more seriously when it comes to such matters.. but I’m still trying to figure out people.. so..

PS: if you didn’t click on any of the images or the rape video link, I salute you.



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