My first ever “food review”: @ButtercupCafe

Almost a month ago, I wrote a post about restaurant reviews and how people tend to feel pressured when expressing their real thoughts about restaurants here in Kuwait.

It’s MY turn now..

This will always be my “food review” meme..

I’ll make it short and to the point. No extra blabber. Less pain.

I ordered a Ginduja Chocolate Cheese Cake from a place called Buttercup. To sum it up: I paid 7KD (including delivery charges) for an under baked dessert that was too heavy and arrived after two hours and 15 minutes.

2 days later, half the cake which could have been finished in 5 seconds (due to its micro measurements) had it been AT LEAST baked properly is still sitting there in my fridge. What a waste of food and money.

Never again. 🙂


Say something nice or leave. Butthurt is intolerable yet I welcome positive criticism.

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