LinkedIn problems..

When I first joined LinkedIn, I didn’t really understand how things went there. Just thought of it as a “professional Facebook” account. Nothing wrong with signing up to another social media platform. Who knows?

Throughout the past couple of years, I have managed to land good jobs through LinkedIn. Reconnected with some of my colleagues and old college buddies and got a few interviews as well. LinkedIn has proved it’s success to me and I don’t think anyone who is career oriented missed out on it.

But lately, there has been a growing trend that I really dislike. Just like any social media platform, LinkedIn is gathering far too many ignorant users. I’m sorry, yes. Ignorant.


When Facebook started becoming popular around here, we were some of those few who signed up not knowing what it was but still encouraging people to join for the sake of it. Back in 2006, only those who knew their way around the Internet managed to sign up and Facebook was kicking My Space and Hi5 in the butt! It was more private, less glittery and people on Facebook were less likely to stalk you and offer their “services” (to be more correct: ask you for them).

Oh thank GOD!

It was finally there for the clean people to interact and you didn’t have to bother about making your profile colorful and that kind of crap. It was and still is your digital identity. The best, so far. We’ve had issues with the new design, the new timeline, the Facebook chat, the privacy settings, and mostly anything Facebook decided to bully us with but no one ever opted out because of those issues.

With LinkedIn, you didn’t really bother with all that since the purpose is to have your CV digitally available for future employers and fellow colleagues to go through. All you had to do is pop your info in, add a presentable picture and you’re done. If you’re really meticulous like myself, you will try your best to get your profile strength to hit the top!



Getting endorsements is not my thing. I can’t “beg” for one and I hate those who send me this:

Inbox   LinkedIn (5)

Do I really have to endorse you? How about you endorse me first!?

My previous employer asked me to endorse his skills on LinkedIn and I did. And he never endorsed me back. So I thought: “fuck it. No more of this shit.” Any other message with that subject went straight to trash. I still get endorsement requests from people I have never even met in person let alone worked with and sometimes I wish I could just reply: “Dude, do I even know you?!” but then I respect the fact that this platform is a professional platform and refrain from letting myself act “unprofessional”. But they sure as hell aren’t helping!

Now to the reason why I wrote this post. Those are some of the minor “problems” of LinkedIn. The major ones that I’ve come across the past few months are the following:

Dude. We don't even live in the same country!!

Dude. We don’t even live in the same country!!

Dude!! We don't even live on the same CONTINENT!!

Dude!! We don’t even live on the same CONTINENT!!

This one is a charmer..

First message ignored..

First message ignored..

A couple of days later:

Just in case I wanted to Skype him..

Just in case I wanted to Skype him..

Really? I even wrote a status asking people to refrain from acting unprofessional and treating LinkedIn as Facebook but then I got that message from the Sudanese dude. How dense can one be?

You might think: “Well, why do you jump to conclusions? They might be trying to connect on a professional level?!”. No, sir. They’re not. And here’s why:

A- Sending a message with “Hellooo” as the subject is NOT professional.

B- Sending me your personal contact details for me to contact you without specifying the reason is NOT professional.

C- I don’t take compliments from complete strangers at work lightly. Especially men. I’m here for business and how I look like has nothing to do with why we’re here unless I’m a model. And I’m not. And although it is good to compliment people, I find it offensive to tell a woman how “pretty” she is or such crap when we’re in a professional setting. I don’t walk up to men saying: “Gee, Mr.! You’re handsome!” and expect things to go “professional” from now on.

D- Asking me where I’m from and where I live when my details are OBVIOUSLY out there for LinkedIn nation to read is a sign of either stupidity or lack of attention. It is also an indicator that you are trying to open an unprofessional subject since you didn’t even bother to check my profile which simply means: you’re not here for business.

Needless to say, I don’t answer those people. It is plain stupid to reply to such idiots who are either too old to get what LinkedIn is all about or way too lonely to realize the fact that if a female adds you on LinkedIn, that does not necessarily mean that she welcomes complete strangers into her life. I don’t even add strangers on Facebook unless I was 100% sure they would not pause a threat on my mental health. But this shit on LinkedIn is damn straight bat shit crazy.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the shit Arab people do on LinkedIn. I was going through my timeline and I saw this (please note the red is a connection and the blue are people I don’t know):

Welcome!   LinkedIn (3) Welcome!   LinkedIn (2) Welcome!   LinkedIn (1)

The above to the non Arabic speakers are political rants and such from some Egyptian LinkedIn users.

The annoying part is that I don’t get why anyone would want to discuss politics in a professional setting.

Unless you’re a freakin’ politician, reporter or a political activist, I seriously don’t want to see you bitching and moaning about shit on my feed. Even those who are entitled to say their political views on such a platform must be professional while they do so. What Arabs fail to understand is that LinkedIn is NOT Facebook and if you decide to display your political views on such a platform, you must bear the consequences of such a stupid decision especially when you’re whining like a baby as opposed to conveying those views professionally.

I looked that motherfucker up and decided to delete him but since that was the first time I decided to actually remove a connection (or more), I clicked on his profile and he received a notification. And then this happened:

Good morning and good riddance, buttwipe!

Good morning and good riddance, buttwipe!

Here’s what I did -> CLICK ME!

And the bitches were gone!


Dear world UNIVERSE:

  1. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook!!!!!!
  2. Getting personal with females on LinkedIn is NOT professional.
  3. Females on LinkedIn don’t add random strangers to chat and make friends or get a husband/boyfriend. (at least I don’t)
  4. Sending anything but interview requests, recommendations or job hunts is NOT professional or acceptable.
  5. If you want a goddamn recommendation, work for it.
  6. If you want a goddamn recommendation, make sure you ask the RIGHT person AKA someone who AT LEAST knows you AND/OR worked with you.
  7. Expressing your political views is NOT professional unless you’re a politician, a reporter or a political activist and those views should be expressed in an unbiased and professional manner. As unbiased as can be.
  8. Unless you’re being pleasant and spreading your greetings for a religious occasion, pipe it. Your prayers should be between you and God. LinkedIn is not the Holy Electronic Mosque/Church.
  9. If you fail to understand the above and still insist on conducting yourself as a social dickwad, refrain from using LinkedIn because I’m telling you: your career will be screwed. And go to this link instead: CLICK ME, DICKWAD.

I also came across this petition through the below article. Make sure to sign it if you have any similar LinkedIn issues..

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4 thoughts on “LinkedIn problems..

  1. ………. just exactly where from Sudan are you..

    That was my favourite part, couldn’t hold myself.

    On a serious note, luckily being a guy everytime I get contacted it’s for a serious professional purpose, be it a job offer or collaboration etc. Endorsements haven’t really annoyed me since I disabled getting notified for endorsement, either that or none of the people I know care. I do get endorsed a lot but don’t endorse back, I don’t want it to feel like it’s a favor for a favor thing. I don’t think endorsements add much value to a person’s profile anyway, since anyone that uses linkedin knows its just friends endorsing friends for the most part.

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