Veterinary hospitals in #Kuwait: the biggest ripoffs EVER.

A while ago I’ve noticed that one of our munchkins kept sticking his tongue out. Although it looked too adorable to even worry about, having your cat turn into Lil Bub overnight is a sign of a dental disease or even more serious issues like cancer.

“I was born cute, posers!”

I tried convincing the family that this cuteness overload can be a serious matter until one day, our beloved Simsim grew a lump on the left side of the jaw. It was extremely shocking to see that huge growth on the poor kitty’s face. Needless to say, we rushed him into the nearest vet. My brother was informed that the growth could be cancer if not a dental problem. He asked my brother to go to another hospital where he would get the cat x-rayed to verify the issue at hand. The X-ray costs around 50KD alone. I’m not sure if anyone thinks 50KD is not too much but we didn’t even care as long as we knew what was going on with Simsim. The hospital was already closed when my brother rushed to get the poor fellow x-rayed.

The next day, we rushed Simsim there to get him x-rayed. The doctor examined him and said that he either has dental issues or cancer -something we already established-. And in the former case, he would require some treatment. He then proceeded to explain the cost of such treatment which was around 200KD for gum and teeth cleaning only. A total of 300KD would have to be paid if he had dental issues. If it’s cancer, that’s another case.

The doctor didn’t send Simsim to x-ray until we decided whether he would have our agreement to perform the treatment! He told us that he would give us time to think and then go on with the x-ray! He gave us the impression that it’s either we pay, or hit the road. So, we hit the road. He was impatient and didn’t seem to enjoy the fact that we were a bit surprised to know that it costs that much.

We tried asking our friends and one of them mentioned another hospital but this time; the x-ray cost around 25KD! Already realizing that the first hospital was a total ripoff, we rushed Simsim there and got him x-rayed. We were told the same thing both vets told us, given some pills to treat the symptoms and return for a follow up after 2 weeks. It was a bit of a relief until the doctor mentioned that he would have to remove some of his teeth and each would cost 80KD alone! A total of 4 teeth would cost us 320KD only. Not to mention the cleaning, accommodation and any other expenses.

Here's the result :D

Here’s the result 😀

It is totally heartbreaking to watch your pet of more than 10 years suffer like that but not be capable of helping it on the spot due to the greediness of veterinary hospitals in Kuwait. We’re still waiting to see the results of the treatment but I’m beginning to wonder: what if it’s cancer? How much will those money-sucking monsters charge us to treat him instead of put him to sleep? They’re already implying that if we can’t afford to give him the dental treatment, we should put him to sleep! How disgusting can they be? Pets are family members in this house and the idea of putting “it” to sleep is even more heartbreaking. When we’re being told it’s either the money or the life of your cat in a simple case of dental problems, it’s totally disgusting to even verify those creatures as doctors.

I’ve always wanted to become a vet but the fact that I have a bit of a weak heart when it comes to watching animals die or even suffer stood in the way. I’m wondering how the owners of such hospitals have the heart to charge people such ridiculous prices over services that are supposed to be regular as opposed to operations and such. A dentist doesn’t charge 80KD per tooth, goddamnit! PER TOOTH! Exploiting animals to earn cash? Such scumbags. All of them.

And I thought human beings couldn’t go any lower..


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