Arabs’ Got Talent and animal abuse

A talent show that hosts a bunch of people to prove that they probably have something to achieve in life is not my cup of tea. Whether you sing, dance or juggle a few balls is totally up to you but what I find deeply disturbing is the fact that a TV show with millions of viewers went an extra notch this week. I’m not sure whether Arabs’ Got Talent is lacking views or talents but this week, they chose to bring a mentally deranged man to “entertain” everyone.
32 year old Ahmed Al Dousary from Riyadh claimed that he would perform a “military show” -according to him-.

The VERY talented Mr. Ahmed.

The VERY talented Mr. Ahmed.

I watched the clearly suspicious man proceed with chewing glass and lit charcoal and nothing was wrong with that other than the fact that someone would willingly do that. The judges were between shocked and disturbed but still managed to watch the man waiting; for his next step. The man moves on to another container and there was a scorpion in it. I wasn’t really expecting him to do much with that scorpion as one of the judges jokingly told him to salt it. The man then proceeds to eat the scorpion! The female judge was clearly disturbed even more and opted to look away. The third judge just kept making facial gestures and the man went on. Watching that was a bit shocking since I’ve watched many people mess around with scorpions but NOT eat one.

The peak moment was when the lunatic grabbed a small snake, bit its head off and spit it then skinned it with his teeth! In the video above, you’ll miss the “biting the head off” part but not the skinning.

No comment. Really.

No comment. Really.

The female judge buzzed him out while the other judges found it a bit amusing and so they went on with playing around on stage daring each other to “touch” the other snakes or even eat one. Not only that, but they BOTH gave him their blessings and considered this horrible audition a talent!

I am not sure who the hell is responsible of running this show but I’m quite sure of the following:

  1. In order for this sick, mentally deranged individual to perform his audition, he must have practiced on other living creatures. So, I can safely assume that he gobbled a few more scorpions and snakes during the week prior to his “awesome” audition.
  2. In order for this sick, mentally deranged individual to perform his audition, the producers and judges must have had an idea about the kind of sick shit he’s about to perform especially that one of those creatures is deadly and could have possibly run loose around the studio putting the lives of people in danger. I’m also safely assuming that there was some kind of preparation as THEY PROBABLY SHOULD BE PREPARED TO THIS.

When a TV show with millions of viewers ALLOWS such a sick audition to be aired AND allow the contestant to move on to the next stage while denying someone with a shitty voice to do so just because “this is entertainment”, I wouldn’t be surprised if more kids started practicing on stray cats and dogs to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Get your 15 minutes of fame, y'all! Set a kitty on fire!

Get your 15 minutes of fame, y’all! Set a kitty on fire!

It is totally irresponsible of the show producers and the TV channel to air such an episode and not consider the consequences. The man is clearly mentally disturbed and this is a green light. Allowing a man to kill animals on the stage for entertainment is not fun nor is it a way to spark controversy. Congratulations, Arabs’ Got Talent: You have managed to create a social media buzz and higher ratings but morally speaking: you have lost ALL my respect and the respect of others who found that episode extremely disturbing. Not only did you allow animal abuse on your stage KNOWING it will occur, but you also: aired the episode, none of your judges bothered to address this clear violation and they also gave him their blessings.

If we can allow this man to abuse animals, I think everyone should be allowed to abuse humans equally. This season we chew on scorpions and snakes, the next season we chew on human hearts and kidneys after gutting a human being on stage for entertainment and high ratings.

Shame on Arabs’ Got Talent, shame on MBC Group, shame on Nasser Algassabi, shame on Ahmed Helmy, shame on Najwa Karam and shame on whoever finds this horrible instance of major animal abuse entertaining.

God gave us a voice to speak out against injustice. I’m utilizing mine to stand up for animals no matter how small or insignificant they may be to a whole lot. If you care enough to make this world a better place, start by defending those who don’t have a voice.


9/10/2103 – UPDATE: we received a response from one of the marvelous judges: please read here.

9/10/2103 – UPDATE: another response from Mr. Ali Jaber: here.

12/10/2013 – UPDATE: Contestant at question speaks out through Twitter here.


44 thoughts on “Arabs’ Got Talent and animal abuse

  1. Absolutely disgusting and inhumane. I can’t believe how the judges allowed to him to continue and not only that, they were laughing! SHAME ON YOU!

    • Their least concern is the lives of those animals. They want money and money comes from ratings and controversy is the number one trigger to high ratings. Shame on us if we allow this crap to continue without teaching society that this is not acceptable. We can do it.


    • Believe me my dictionary is full but even this was way beyond shocking for me to use such words! It’s truly amazing how low some people can get for some fame, recognition or ratings!

  3. TFEH !
    Even the snake and scorpion he killed wouldn’t kill for fun. And then we wonder why animals become violent in the presence of humans. I mean, look at this human beast ! What the hell is this atrocity, and how it is even allowed to go TV ? Where is the f****** censorship when it is needed ? And what are these fake facial expressions from the judges ? Shame on every one of them.

  4. Some one has to cut his head like he did with the snake for him to feel what he is doing to these creatures and stop him before he continues in his fucking show in the other episode since he is planning to eat cat and dogs. He is such a sick man and I wish to see in the stupid Arab countries human being being punished and arrested for abusing animal instead of encouraging them. MBC should stop this guy and don’t let him go on the stage again.

  5. Its totally wrong and the guy shouldn’t be on tv 100% but I m just curious if the people who are offended by this video and disgusted are vegetarians or not because i don’t get why is it different from eating chickens and cows and pigs… The way the other animals are treated and killed by us everyday is far worse than this..

    • Well, Samar. Vegetarian or not is another issue here and the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses and such is definitely not any better given the fact that people perceive animals as a commodity rather than a living soul.
      It would be a great step if we started to acknowledge the fact that we in the Middle East fail to perceive animals as creatures and give them decent treatment like any civilized country. Only then would we be able to discuss vegetarianism in a proper setting. I remember when I tried to go lacto-vegetarian a couple of years back the amount of ridicule and mockery I received from everyone around. That never bothered or stopped me. The only issue was that where I live, we’re not ready for this. Lack of resources and even essential supplements made it nearly impossible for me to continue in addition to the lack of awareness to the whole issue. Again, we need to change the notion that animals are just there for food and deserve zero sympathy to reach to that level. Thanks for bringing that up. 🙂

    • Dear Samar, this is a tv show, MBC people are responsible and have a critical role in Protecting the audience that is mainly composed of under aged from exposure to violence on thr screens. If I want to choose and go see a horror movie it’s my CHOICE but MBC cannot impose VIOLENCE in my own home without my CONSENT

  6. I AGREE –> shame on Nasser Algassabi, shame on Ahmed Helmy, shame on Najwa Karam..
    who are these people anyway? what’s their level of education? what do they stand for in life? they are a bunch of famous entertainers (for some!), no more no less

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  8. thank you for writing such an intelligent blog about this weirdo. what an embarrassment to the Arab world this show piece is! I hope your opinions (and many of us who share your disgust) get the attention deserved and those involved in promoting animal abuse on Prime Time TV come to their senses.

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  11. Get over it, He skinned a snake, Let me see you shout ANIMAL ABUSE when a snake tries to bite you in real life or a scorpion tries to pinch you, Bear Grylls have been doing it for a long time and nobody talks to him, while this guy skins a snake and you go screaming animal abuse? Read the first sentence.

    • Hi, Saud. I will not get over it so you can “Bear Grylls” me all day long and I will probably not even bother about it because contrary to Bear, this guy lives HERE and does NOT promote ANY values other than being a savage idiot. Your analogy is totally out of place. And BTW: that snake was not a venomous snake. And even if it were and bit me, it’s still an ANIMAL dealing with the surroundings according to its nature. Let that bugger attempt to bite a cobra instead. Thank you for passing by.

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  14. I completely agree and this is disgusting. If it was a cat or a dog everyone would’ve reacted, but people assume snakes and other similar animals don’t feel pain for some reason. How heartbreaking.
    “Oh I’m scared of snakes, therefore I enjoy watching them suffer” is a sentence i hear a lot. That’s just ew. EW.

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  16. What a bunch of cruel idiots! What has happened to humanity that they think torturing innocent animals is entertainment? This has to be stopped! Immediately!

  17. I can honestly say that I am shocked that this could even go to air on TV. This is not talent and this show has stooped to an all time low. Any body that abusers animals for entertainment sake is sick and obviously has NO SOUL. I don’t think he would like to have his head bitten off and then be skinned just so people can watch, very very sick 😦

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