Updates on cat massacre in #Egypt #نادي_الجزيرة

Excuse me for this short post since I’m posting from mobile and there’s a power cut (long live Egypt!)
Since this post, these has been a lot going on. We went to the protest (more pics later) which took place last Tuesday and all went well.


Another old post confirming their practices against strays


The newspapers wrote about it as well but the management is still denying (yet confirming) the massacre. Here, they mentioned that they “got rid” of the cats because they “attack children”.
Most of the people I’ve met in the protest said that those cats were very friendly and they always fed them and never faced such issues.
I suppose having poisoned treats lying around for children to eat is not as dangerous as a few scratches from a probably scared cat being bullied by unattended children.


The latest update is that GSC is currently dealing with a (and I quote) “animal rescue shelter owner” named Amina Abaza who offered to mercy kill the cats found. Mercy killing… I have nothing to say.. really.
Screen shots of thread on ESMA’s group:


Solutions provided by members


According to some comments, Amina is very persistent and the more people object to her methods,  the more stubborn she gets. She also follows that same “merciful” method with animals in her shelter.. the older they get, the sooner they go.

I’ve heard of more animal killings happening:
220 stray dogs murdered in Islmaeliya (bear in mind, this is REGULAR news.. no cry for help) another link



a body of what appears to be a lion was found somewhere in the dumpster in Menya (some people say it’s a dog, trying to validate the news since rumors cyrcle more than air around here)


Those are the living conditions of animals in Egypt:



This seems to be getting out of control.. again.. and I’m afraid it will fizzle down like the previous times. I’ve sent an email to PETA about the massacre and this was their response:


We basically need people from outside Egypt to contact PETA and pressure the government here. If you’re outside of Egypt, please drop an email to CIDinfo@peta.org or AshleyF@petaasiapacific.com
Please help us pressure the government to have some mercy. It’s enough that people are already getting detained and killed over absolute bullshit in here. Let the animals live in peace if you can’t help the people for starts.

Please do contact PETA or anyone you think can help the animals in Egypt. Enough is enough. Strays, zoo animals, pets, shelter animals: they are suffering tremendously. Please help.


Please sign and share this petition #animalrights #Egypt #نادي_الجزيرة #احتجاج_على_مجازر_نادى_الجزيرة

Regarding yesterday’s killing of stray cats in El Gizera Sports Club, we have created a petition addressing the prime minister of Egypt, the minister of agriculture and minister of justice to bring those in charge to justice and establish better animal welfare laws in Egypt.

Click to sign the petition


GRAPHIC: El Gizera club management butchers animals! #Egypt #نادي_الجزيرة #احتجاج_على_مجازر_نادى_الجزيرة

I woke up to the news of a massacre today and since we’re in Egypt, I know I can expect anything but a cat massacre!? Well, I expected that too.

Animal rights? Please. Give us human rights first and let’s discuss those little shits!

Almost a year after this bullshit audition took place and we’re still facing similar crap. But this time, it’s officially a public demand. The number of times I’ve heard about stray cats and dogs getting poisoned in various parts of Cairo ALONE made me certain that there’s no hope for animal rights around here except for those few marvelous people who really try their best to make something happen.. even pushing for a law which was adopted in the latest referendum.

I quote Article (45):

The State shall protect its seas, shores, lakes, waterways and natural protectorates.
Trespassing, polluting or misusing any of them is prohibited. Every citizen is guaranteed the
right of enjoying them. The State shall protect and develop the green space in the urban areas;
preserve plant, animal and fish resources and protect those under the threat of extinction or
danger; guarantee humane treatment of animals, all according to the law.

The funny thing is that while searching for laws of animal rights in Egypt, I got this link on Wikipedia and Egypt is listed first.. AGAINST animal cruelty.. LOL.. yeah…

Dear Wiki people: you’ve got punk’d. You might as well delete that shit from your website. Does. Not. Exist.

Here’s an example:

Please note that the images are graphic and I will give you some space to think before you decide that you’re OK with viewing them..









space to think









Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: El Gizera club massacre.


Gizera club massacre 1

Gizera club massacre 2

Gizera club massacre 3

Gizera club massacre 4

Gizera club massacre 5

Gizera club massacre 6

Gizera club massacre 7

Gizera club massacre 8


Gizera club massacre 9

Gizera club massacre 10

Gizera club massacre 11

Gizera club massacre 12

Gizera club massacre 13

Beaten, chocked in sacks, bludgeoned to death, poisoned, dropped in garbage bins, you name it.

The management of El Gizera club decided that it’s a brilliant idea to hire some thugs to “take care of the business”.. and they did it so shamelessly that people actually caught them in the act! It’s THAT simple and easy in Egypt. Stray cats and dogs? Kill ’em. And make sure you hire anyone to do it because we hate those varmints but we won’t get out hands dirty.

It’s obviously a recurring concern as this post on ESMA suggests:

Click for link to ESMA page

Click for link to ESMA page

Or this Yahoo group discussion from 2009!

I quote:

Dear All
This is the situation:
Since a year, since last TNR project conducted by coalition of organiztions (a year and a half ago), The Management of the club called various AW societies to do something about the increasing cat/dog population in the club.
Last year, all AW societies, advocates, activists, members of the club made a wide campaign against club management after strychnine poison was used.  a petition was made and resentment letter was sent to board of directors of the Gezira club.
Followed, attempt for an agreement to conduct a TNR provided:  club managment must sign agreement.
Nothing happened.
Again, calls were made from Board of Directors of the club to various AW societies to find solution… no answer.
Reports received of some (poisoned cats), cats and kittens gathered in sacs to unknown location.
I made a call on AWAR and everywhere, to try and save the remaining, I said money is there, all we needed was volunteers + catchers , volunteer vets problem was solved when dr. Rafik Nashed (in Zamalek) proposed making all spaying/neutering , recovery in his clinic (free) provided we just provide catchers.
Mona Khalil told me she would arrange hiring catchers.
Today:  Bahra Fahmy is in the club, witnessed and seen poisoned cats, the remain is not many..
What can be done to save the remaining cats, I would say, estimate has changed, remaining cats are no more than 6 to 8 cats!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!
I wait for Mona to hire catchers as soon as possible, I also would call Mr. Sherbiny of Animal Friends to support, we need catchers  and off course volunteers ..
I hope Nadia Naga you join as volunteer with Vivian and me to transfer cats to Dr. Rafik’s clinic after being catched.
Please provide mobile to easily reach you if we manage to reach something today.
I write this with sorrow.
Dina Zulfikar


Link to full thread here and it’s heartbreaking to see the type of crap those wonderful individuals have to endure to state COMMON SENSE.. REPEATEDLY.

This is not the first time something like this happens as most of the animal rights activists in Egypt are suffering. Such practices are adopted by individuals and even whole neighborhoods alike such as Al Rehab City who not only has been doing it for a long while, but also has no shame in admitting that it’s cruel yet still doing it!

"my conscience isn't content with the current solution, but hey.. it's the cheapest way is just kill them! Sorry for the echo, lady!"  Click on the image to say hi to the lovely people :)

“my conscience isn’t content with the current solution, but hey.. it’s the cheapest way.. just kill them! Sorry for the echo though, lady!”
Click on the image to say hi to the lovely people 🙂

Also, from a link from this post on Expat Forum:

On January 15, 2013 Dr. Suad Al-Kholi, Director of Veterinary Medicine, announced that the Directorate has organized intensive campaigns against stray animals which resulted in the extermination of 1,757 dogs and 518 cats stray (click image for source)

On January 15, 2013 Dr. Suad Al-Kholi, Director of Veterinary Medicine, announced that the Directorate has organized intensive campaigns against stray animals which resulted in the extermination of 1,757 dogs and 518 cats stray (click image for source)

More killings (click image for source)

More killings (click image for source)

The source of all 4 images contains a whole lot of history of animal cruelty and abuse in Egypt and the fight against it both on ground and legally.

The government does not simply care but to get rid of the strays the fastest and cheapest way.

This is how one individual suggested to solve the “problem”: the government should pay each person 10LE (1.4 USD!!!!) for bringing in a stray; dead or alive. Guess what’s easier? Yup. And let’s all share some brilliant ideas of how to kill a stray dog and get filthy rich while we’re at it (technically they’d need to bring in at least one million dead strays to be rich). Not to mention, get rid of those scary creatures.. (?)


Brilliant brainstorming and bitching about the “nasty” dogs and how to get rid of them.

Brilliant brainstorming and bitching about the "nasty" dogs and how to get rid of them. there's even a group! Click the image to say hi :)

Brilliant brainstorming and bitching about the “nasty” dogs and how to get rid of them.

bahgat 3

Brilliant brainstorming and bitching about the “nasty” dogs and how to get rid of them.

In that same ridiculous thread, a guy mentioned that he worked in the UAE and knows that “Filipinos eat stray dogs” and his brilliant idea was a suggestion that the government starts to benefit from those dogs by slaughtering them and selling their meat to the Philippines.. fine delicacy from Egypt..

Another one suggested that they “gather the dogs and makes sandwiches out of them.. no joke”……

There’s even a group created to support this marvelous thread! On the group however, a lady relentlessly tried to convince them to spay the strays instead of poisoning them but surely, no one has time to do that and somehow according to the supporters, poisoning and bludgeoning strays “is mentioned in the Quraan”.. ummm, nope?

That explains. Group admin.

That explains.
Group admin.

And this is a tiny example of what this country is going through.. ignorance, cruelty and easy solutions.

On a brighter side of the sickening story, I’ve seen a couple of posters pinned to trees in Maadi where people are somehow suffering less from the wave tsunami of ignorance invading this country.The group called Maadi TNR Initiative offer free spaying/neutering in association with I-Vet Clinic and The British Animal Hospital in Maadi:

I spotted a similar leaflet several times all over the place and I think it is a brilliant solution..

Looks like a perfectly happy kitty..




It never stops…

I am personally sick of this. I am sick of hearing such shit and knowing that the government of Egypt does not give a damn about its own constitution which clearly states and criminalizes such practices. But obviously, the government doesn’t care to hold those who practice such acts of cruelty accountable. Not individuals, not organizations and not even a prestigious club.

According to EFAW, a case was filed against El Gizera Club:

Case filed

There’s also a protest (EDIT: another protest on Facebook) being held according to a post on the page Stop Gezira Club massacres:

protest Dina



😦 the album contains graphic images. click at your own discretion. Courtesy of Cherine Rachid



Thanks to Nirvana Said for always bringing up such sad incidents to our attention.

Thanks to Dina Zulfikar for her ongoing fights against those practices and a better place for animals in Egypt.

Thanks to Cherine Ismail RachidSherif El Kadi and Rania El-Kordy for documenting this cruelty for the world to watch, share and disgrace those bastards responsible. Sherif’s documentation. (Update: Sherif uploaded more heartbreaking images.. view at your own discretion here)

Thanks to EFAW, ESMA, TNSMaadi and the hundreds if not thousands of both Egyptians and expats in Egypt fighting daily on behalf of those who have no voice.

Thanks to my friends who helped share some of the links in this post, @AhmedElhendy88 is one.


Please sign this petition and help spread the word about this disgrace and maybe put a goddamn end to it!

 UPDATE (25-8-2013, 5:1PM)

Below are the numbers of GSC and a link to their Facebook page which seems to be “closed” because of the out lash.

+202-2735-6000, +202-2736-0405, +202-2736-0328, +202-2736-0364


UPDATE (25-8-2014):

According to the page Stop Gezira Club MassacresGSC denied any proof that they have financed or dealt with the thugs used to kill the cats.

GSC denies



We have created a new petition addressing the PM of Egypt and other ministers to put an end to this. Please take the time to sign and share.

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