Arabs’ Got Talent’s Ahmed Helmy finally breaks the silence!

If you still haven’t heard or read about the jaw dropping audition which took place a few days ago, here’s your chance to read about it -> CLICK ME

A couple of good friends helped send the previous post across the marvelous realm of the Interwebz and BOY.. did it go viral. I thought a simple rant about how barbaric and unfair that audition was wouldn’t get more than a hundred views at the most. But the lack of professionalism and concern towards the lives of both the audience and animals involved in the episode and that specific audition effected many animal lovers out there and I was blessed to see that voicing out your concerns CAN prove worthy.

That post was the most viewed and shared so far, it even reached The Daily Mail!

I have to thank many of the wonderful readers who helped spread  the word about this horrible abuse.

Given all the above, you would expect a decent statement from any of the individuals associated with Arab’s Got Talent. This morning, Egyptian actor and “comedian” Ahmed Helmy broke the silence. And I wish he never did.

A fellow animal rights activist was pretty upset about the fact that 5 days after airing that shameful episode, no response whatsoever was evident. Her demand was not met with what she expected. When the “super star” -very known in the Middle East for being one of the most entertaining and inspiring comedians- decided to retweet one of her not-very-amusing tweets. She was genuinely upset about the whole situation and the lack of ownership. Now, you may or may not agree with some of her tweets but eventually: the lack of respect towards animal rights and a segment of viewers who are keen on this type of obvious abuse might justify her harsh words towards him.

To those of you who do not know Mr. Ahmed Helmy, here’s a link to help you understand the gravity of the situation.

I woke up and saw a couple of tweets from the young lady telling us that he finally responded and that his response was a retweet of one of her MANY tweets taken out of context! Not only did he pick a tweet that portrays him as a victim and her as a “nasty and spiteful woman”, he ignores the rest of the tweets by MANY others AND his devoted fans launched an attack on the young lady calling her crazy, stupid, an animal and all sorts of profanities.

He kept on retweeting and not even answering our valid question:

How can YOU, as a role model to children and a COMEDIAN find it entertaining to joke around with a man who CLEARLY abused an animal in your presence AND give him a green light in a clear endorsement of such horrible abuse?

Here are my tweets to Mr. Helmy (bottom to top)

Here are my tweets to Mr. Helmy (bottom to top)

Mr. Helmy was deeply offended by the fact that the activist wished his kid the same treatment. I get you, buddy. You have my heart. But please do give me a response to the following questions:

  • Given the fact that you were once considered a role model to children as your very beginning was in a program involved with children, what kind of values do you promote to those children (including your lovely daughter) when you are involved in an audition that involves killing animals live on air and blessing the participant with your approval for him to move to the next stage?
  • Do you find killing animals for fun amusing or is it just the shock of the whole situation? I’m guessing it’s the former since you jumped on stage and fooled around with the other unfortunate snakes. Hell, you asked the man to salt the goddamn scorpion just before he gobbled it!
  • Would you enjoy it if one day your own child chose to grab any animal and stab it for fun?
  • In case your answer to the previous question was “NO”; what would your response be if your kid told you “but daddy, you let the big man kill that scorpion and snake and played with him! NOT FAIR!”
  • Do you think that it is responsible of you and your colleagues to allow such acts given the fact that:
    1. The man possessed a possibly deadly scorpion and that poses a hazard on him, yourself, your colleagues and the audience.
    2. According to ANY human being, killing animals for fun is a BIG no-no. Especially when your message is being delivered to millions (and that might include a large percentage of children, teens and possible sick individuals) who might perceive your approval as a general approval and encouragement to such practices.
    3. The man is clearly neither in military nor does he seem to be qualified to perform such a show (without the animals included!)
  • Do you as a man chosen as ambassador of the project “Food for Education” by the UN approve of such practices? What is your stand on animal abuse in slaughterhouses and farm animal cruelty?
  • Do you think that reptiles and arthropods are less susceptible to pain and such since they’re neither fluffy nor widely available around us? Is it acceptable to treat those differently than sheep, cattle, goats, poultry and/or any other domesticated animals?
  • Would you have reacted the same way if the contestant in question chose to skin a cat or a rabbit live on stage?
  • Do you eat rabbits? (you can skip this question, I know the answer “الملوخية بالأنارب متتعوضش!”)

I know Mr. Helmy will not answer my questions, MBC group might not bother to even issue a statement regarding this controversial episode, nor will any of the other judges even bother since they’re clearly more concerned with “how good they looked like on the show” or “how amused everyone was with that episode or any episode”.

Mr. Helmy: you as an ambassador of the project “Food for Education” launched by the UN World Food Programme should not allow such abuse on a live show. Your wikipedia page states that you “plan to do everything he (you) can to help children.”

Your approval and your display of humor towards the situation does not help children. A child that is brought up to believe that animals are dispensable and can be killed for fun will definitely see no harm in treating humans equally one day. A child that witnesses such horrible abuse will never have compassion towards anyone else’s misfortunes just because “it doesn’t seem to be a big issue after all”. A child that watches fully grown men and women bless such horrific acts of violence and abuse will never relate to a cause. You got offended because one lady wished harm upon your child although she doesn’t really want that kind of harm to be inflicted upon any creature to begin with, let alone an innocent child. You, however helped someone inflict that same harm she did not wish to happen and even blessed it.

Mistakes are mistakes if they happen unwillingly. We were waiting for a sincere statement; a simple apology acknowledging that we do not live in the jungle and that you as a human being and an adult are as responsible as your fame and status should dictate on you. You have the power of fame and influence and you misused your power. Not only by blessing animal abuse, but by refusing to take responsibility of your actions and own up to your mistakes. You have launched a personal attack on someone who did not attack you for personal reasons; but VALUES. Common sense and DECENT values.

You have lost ALL my respect.

And I pray for your wife and child not to slip into this swamp of disgusting degradation of human values you call fame and entertainment.

I would like to thank the people behind BETA – Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for spreading the word about this abuse. My friends and hundreds of others for reading, sharing and voicing out their opinion regarding this shameless and disturbing trend in the Middle East.

Please sign this petition so that we can end this ridiculousness for once and for all.

May God have mercy on those poor souls and on humanity which seems to have gone haywire these days.. especially in the Middle East.

And Mr. Helmy, PS:

ahmed helmy

9/10/2013 – UPDATE: another response from Mr. Ali Jaber: here.

12/10/2013 – UPDATE: Mr. Helmy  issued a statement through his Twitter account acknowledging the mistake and apologizing to those who were effected by the episode. Thank you, Mr. Helmy.



Arabs’ Got Talent and animal abuse

A talent show that hosts a bunch of people to prove that they probably have something to achieve in life is not my cup of tea. Whether you sing, dance or juggle a few balls is totally up to you but what I find deeply disturbing is the fact that a TV show with millions of viewers went an extra notch this week. I’m not sure whether Arabs’ Got Talent is lacking views or talents but this week, they chose to bring a mentally deranged man to “entertain” everyone.
32 year old Ahmed Al Dousary from Riyadh claimed that he would perform a “military show” -according to him-.

The VERY talented Mr. Ahmed.

The VERY talented Mr. Ahmed.

I watched the clearly suspicious man proceed with chewing glass and lit charcoal and nothing was wrong with that other than the fact that someone would willingly do that. The judges were between shocked and disturbed but still managed to watch the man waiting; for his next step. The man moves on to another container and there was a scorpion in it. I wasn’t really expecting him to do much with that scorpion as one of the judges jokingly told him to salt it. The man then proceeds to eat the scorpion! The female judge was clearly disturbed even more and opted to look away. The third judge just kept making facial gestures and the man went on. Watching that was a bit shocking since I’ve watched many people mess around with scorpions but NOT eat one.

The peak moment was when the lunatic grabbed a small snake, bit its head off and spit it then skinned it with his teeth! In the video above, you’ll miss the “biting the head off” part but not the skinning.

No comment. Really.

No comment. Really.

The female judge buzzed him out while the other judges found it a bit amusing and so they went on with playing around on stage daring each other to “touch” the other snakes or even eat one. Not only that, but they BOTH gave him their blessings and considered this horrible audition a talent!

I am not sure who the hell is responsible of running this show but I’m quite sure of the following:

  1. In order for this sick, mentally deranged individual to perform his audition, he must have practiced on other living creatures. So, I can safely assume that he gobbled a few more scorpions and snakes during the week prior to his “awesome” audition.
  2. In order for this sick, mentally deranged individual to perform his audition, the producers and judges must have had an idea about the kind of sick shit he’s about to perform especially that one of those creatures is deadly and could have possibly run loose around the studio putting the lives of people in danger. I’m also safely assuming that there was some kind of preparation as THEY PROBABLY SHOULD BE PREPARED TO THIS.

When a TV show with millions of viewers ALLOWS such a sick audition to be aired AND allow the contestant to move on to the next stage while denying someone with a shitty voice to do so just because “this is entertainment”, I wouldn’t be surprised if more kids started practicing on stray cats and dogs to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Get your 15 minutes of fame, y'all! Set a kitty on fire!

Get your 15 minutes of fame, y’all! Set a kitty on fire!

It is totally irresponsible of the show producers and the TV channel to air such an episode and not consider the consequences. The man is clearly mentally disturbed and this is a green light. Allowing a man to kill animals on the stage for entertainment is not fun nor is it a way to spark controversy. Congratulations, Arabs’ Got Talent: You have managed to create a social media buzz and higher ratings but morally speaking: you have lost ALL my respect and the respect of others who found that episode extremely disturbing. Not only did you allow animal abuse on your stage KNOWING it will occur, but you also: aired the episode, none of your judges bothered to address this clear violation and they also gave him their blessings.

If we can allow this man to abuse animals, I think everyone should be allowed to abuse humans equally. This season we chew on scorpions and snakes, the next season we chew on human hearts and kidneys after gutting a human being on stage for entertainment and high ratings.

Shame on Arabs’ Got Talent, shame on MBC Group, shame on Nasser Algassabi, shame on Ahmed Helmy, shame on Najwa Karam and shame on whoever finds this horrible instance of major animal abuse entertaining.

God gave us a voice to speak out against injustice. I’m utilizing mine to stand up for animals no matter how small or insignificant they may be to a whole lot. If you care enough to make this world a better place, start by defending those who don’t have a voice.


9/10/2103 – UPDATE: we received a response from one of the marvelous judges: please read here.

9/10/2103 – UPDATE: another response from Mr. Ali Jaber: here.

12/10/2013 – UPDATE: Contestant at question speaks out through Twitter here.


How to: annoy people you hate


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how to annoy people that hate you. I still get traffic from people asking for a quick fix to their hater problems but sometimes I get this question instead: How to annoy people you hate.

Oh boy! Let’s do this! 😀


How to annoy people you hate:

Growing up as a tom boy, I had a lot of issues with people around. I grew up in a family club surrounded by all sorts of kids from all sorts of backgrounds. You would imagine that going through high school is the toughest thing a teenager can go through but believe me: nothing beats a family club where even the parents of those teens pitch in to give you a lesson while they clearly need help for having ill behaved kids. I used to have a couple of good friends who preferred to be on the quiet side of “the party” just like myself and kept things low profile. I used to wear the weirdest shit and have the weirdest haircuts. Either listening to my walkman/discman (RIP/RIP) or trying to drop a ball through the hoops of our basketball court. I never thought I fit in with those “Didi” dancing girls in their skimpy outfits. I’d stand there and watch the 5 chicks dance to that shit with their moms standing there all proud of their little girls representing the darkest tragedy of humanity: teenagers and hormones. And while they used to relate to booty shakin’, I used to relate to the likes of Alanis Morissette, BjorkMissy ElliotShaquille O’Neal, 2Pac and many more. I used to dress like that as well (forgive me, God!). I wrote all about that shit in my previous post if you’d care to read some extra nonsense.

Well, I did hate a lot of people. And it was not out of jealousy.. well maybe a little bit.. but, for most of them, I used to be bullied by a lot for being different. Dressing up like a boy when most girls were doing their fancy dancing and competing to become the next Alpha Female in a small community had its price. The girls were usually in groups picking their boyfriends and marking their territories while the boys just played basketball and hung around the court with some of those cool chicks. I was always with the boys trying to compete. Who would score more hoops and get the Chicago Bulls jersey first. I used to hate it when the jerseys looked better on the guys because they had less curves 😦 but it was all good when we sat there and had our rap battles. Some guys never appreciated the fact that a female can sometimes do male stuff and they also used to give me a hard time.

I managed to find a few good female friends who were not that judgmental and they made things a lot easier. They all went to mixed schools and that’s why they were probably less susceptible to the common bullshit those other kids believed. They were loud, crazy and outspoken. They had their own character and no one could bully them and get away with it. They taught me how to have a backbone and stand up for myself.

I used to pick a lot of fights with those I hated. I would pass by giving them dirty looks and sometimes instigate fights just to give them a piece of my mind. But most of the time, I avoided being around them because that would only remind me of all the bullying. Not to mention, cause more bullying. I also learned to stand up for others and I became known for being the female vigilante of the bullied kids. I would be sitting there singing alone in a corner and a kid runs up to me telling me that this asshole picked on them and they want me to kick their ass. No problem!

Yo. Say that again?!

Yo. Say that again?!

The longer I stayed away, the better I felt about myself. See, when you allow hate to consume you, it effects you in a way. You start hating yourself for being different. Then for not being able to make these people understand who you really are. You become aggressive and defensive. You become paranoid and expect everyone to pick on you. You stop enjoying who you are while allowing others to pick on you. You don’t want to change yourself yet you hate yourself. So when you hate someone, you don’t hate them for what they are, you hate them for what you think they think you are. You’re consuming yourself with their thoughts and opinions about you rather than enjoying yourself and celebrating your independence from the norms of society and what it dictates. I failed to hold on and I started dressing up like a “female”. Managed to put on some eyeliner and tone it down with the boy stuff. The minute I decided to follow the herd, I got accepted. Some of those people I hated so much managed to accept me as well. It felt weird, to be honest. That same guy that gave you shit is now calling you “pretty” and saying hi to you. Was it really that important for people to see me as what society thought was normal to be accepted and welcome among them?

I stopped doing the things I wanted and started doing the things THEY wanted. And I am going to tell you that at times it was worth it but most of the time, totally not.

Before the transformation, the more I enjoyed what I did, the less those people meant to me. I would even walk by and hear their nasty comments and continue without giving them any attention. After the transformation, I automatically craved their acceptance and felt bad the minute they stopped showing me that I fit in. Hate consumed me and changed me into being someone that I was not. I used to enjoy doing all sorts of things but I stopped. I used to sing and play basketball, try rollerskating and fail miserably and publicly as well, I used to not give a fuck about anything or anyone and I was happy until hate took over.

I regret letting hate take over because it made me compromise a lot for people who meant nothing to me. People that I was better off ignoring than trying to please. Hate lets you become what you actually hate. You want to annoy people you hate? Start by loving yourself and accepting that no one is the same, no one will ever be like anyone else and those you hate for any kind of reason might be having a worse day than you. And most importantly: you will never please everyone.

People who bully others wouldn’t need to do that unless they have deep issues. If you find yourself giving someone a hard time, think about why you are doing so. Hating a bully is only natural but craving their acceptance is not. Letting your hate turn you into a bully is not. Letting your hate change you into something else to stop the bullying is not. You want to annoy people you hate? Go up to them and tell them off.

After realizing what I’ve become and how unhappy I was, I did that. I couldn’t manage to go back to my old self but I managed to stay a “boy” at heart. I love the fact that I’m a female and love all sorts of sparkly and colorful shit but I also love the fact that I don’t necessarily have to fit in the normal definition of a female to be welcome by our lovely society. The problem is society taught us that a female shouldn’t be outspoken and shouldn’t attempt to be near anything that ruins her image as a female. Dressing up like a boy deems you less feminine. Hanging out with boys deems you a slut or at least craving their attention if not less feminine. Swearing deems you inappropriate and vulgar while boys can swear at any given time for any given reason! Why? I choose to express myself that way. As long as I am not abusing that right and insulting someone personally, I don’t think you have the right to judge me for using foul language. I don’t think you have the right to judge any female for doing anything a male can do anytime and get away with. I am a man who looks like a woman. I do whatever I want as long as I believe that it is not shameful or harmful and I don’t give a fuck.

How to annoy people you hate? Start by understanding why you hate them and you will be surprised to know that hate is just an imaginary feeling that covers tons of personal issues. Love yourself the most and you will not find a reason to hate to begin with. And if you have legitimate reasons to hate someone, tell them why you hate them and get it over with. You don’t need to fix things, just let it out of your system and move on. That would at least make you feel better and give them a thing to think about while you do that. If you’ve been bullied by someone, just go up to them and say: “I don’t know why you’re doing this but if you have a valid reason for being an asshole, let me know so that we can work on it and stop this shit forever.” they will probably not take you seriously but you will walk away the bigger person since you chose to confront them and give them a piece of your mind. And forget about them while you’re at it. Once you say that shit, forget they ever existed.

I used to have a bully who turned out to be one of my closest friends. I loved how she didn’t give a fuck about anyone but she would sometimes be so mean to me. One day, I went on a trip and got everyone a gift. She refused to take my gift and left me painfully wondering what I did to deserve this harsh treatment. I went up to her and told her that I didn’t understand why she had to be an asshole to me when I was just being nice and offering her a souvenir from my latest trip. She ended up apologizing and told me that she’s sorry for being an asshole and that she really appreciated it and she even began treating me much better. I knew she had issues with people and that she doesn’t trust anyone which causes her to be a bully sometimes. I understood that even before getting her that gift and I managed to deal with her with caution during our first couple of years. I hated her at times but respected her most of the time. And telling her off changed everything. She’s not into bullying now but she’s still very direct and sometimes harsh with people. And she’s one of the few people who managed to be by my side during the worst times.

How to annoy people you hate? Start by loving yourself and being true to yourself. That is more than enough to annoy anyone you hate since you won’t give them any reasons to make you hate them even more. People you hate are people you couldn’t please at the first place. They made you hate them for some kind of reason and it’s mostly because you’re not like them or at least not what they consider “OK”. On any scale. Work on pleasing them less and hating them less but most importantly, work on loving yourself more and that is more than enough to annoy anyone who doesn’t approve of your ways. I’m not claiming that I’m perfect and that occasionally I don’t hate people for any sort of reason. I still sometimes find myself hating someone just a little bit. But I do my best to turn that hate into loving myself even more. And I avoid annoying them for those same reasons. Hating someone won’t help you. If they’ve managed to inflict physical or emotional harm on you, you have a point. But instead of hating them, love yourself for being strong enough to go through the pain without turning into one of them. You’re strong enough to do that and consider them less fortunate for having to hurt someone to be pleased with themselves. Stop the hate. 🙂




إن كنت عدماً، فالعدم غير معدوم
العدم هو مقابل الوجود
كالظلام في مواجهة النور
و كالقاتل في مواجهة الفاعل
والمرآة في مواجهة الشمس
أنا الغضب اللي معرفتش أحكم عليه
أنا الجهل اللي بفتي وبتنطط بيه
أنا اللي متأمرك.. متفزلك.. متلعبك.. مربوط عينيه
أنا اللي واقف و اللي ماسك، اللي قاعد و اللي سايق
أنا المفكر الحيوان، أنا اللي كنت في يوم، فكل شئ كان
أنا حكومة رؤوس الأموال، يابني
أنا المعوق، أنا اللي صوتي عالي
أنا اللي بطلب الديموقراطية وحقي دايماً أجيبه بدراعي
أنا تزاوج السلطة والمال
أنا الإستسهال، ابن عم الإستغفال
أنا المشروع المزيف و إهدار المال العام
أنا العبد و الأجير، المالك الفقير
أنا الكلام الكبير للمعاني الواضحة
وأنا اللي لما اترميت، ضعفت.. وافقت بالمصالحة
أنا العالم الواحد، أنا العمار، أنا ثروة البلد وسط طاولة القمار
طب أنا العيل اللي شايل السلاح
و أنا الطلقة اللي بتحرم المباح
و أنا كياس الدم الفاسدة اللي بتعدي السليم
يا عم أنا الشهادة والتعليم اللي مهما تعلى بيه ميأكلش عيش
أنا عينيهم على جيبك وأنا جيبك المعدوم
وأنا النافورة اللي بتنقط وأنا السقف المخروم
أنا العالم الثالث، خلاص اتعرى.. متسلطة عليه اوسخ عيون
أنا الدرج المفتوح، العملة الصعبة والجنيه
أنا ابن الإبتذال الإعلامي والرقابة على الجنس والسماح بيه
أنا التدين الشكلي وتكييف الشريعة ليه
أنا كره الغير لمجرد عدم العلم بيه
أنا السكر اللي مهما تزود فيه، ميحليش
أنا الحجر اللي مهما تبني بيه، ميكفيش
أنا البحر اللي مهما تشرب منه، ميرويش
أنا هدوء الدوشة
أنا سكون الزحمة
أنا إزدواج غير عقلاني
أنا كائن تافهه، الشهوة اللي سيقاني
أنا أول نقطة مطر، وآخر بوء شاي
أنا جاهل، نائب البرلمان، قولي ازاي
أنا.. نعل الجزمة اللي اتهرى من غباوة النظام
أنا الديك اللي باض، وأنا الثور اللي اتحلب
القانون اللي اتركن، والدستور اللي إتكتب
أنا القاضي والمحامي، المتهم والقتيل
أنا الراجل اللي بشنب، بالل نفسه على السرير
يا رئيس الجمهورية، سلطتك منتهية
أنا كارتك اللي إتحرق وأنا ريحتك اللي فاحت
وأنا اللي كنت زيك فاسد لما كنت ساكت
أنا الشحات، العدمان، الفقران، الشمتان
أنا الزاهد الكادح العالم السارح
أنا اللامبالاه، مادة الدنيا والحياة
أنا الإستبداد، حب التملك والهوى
أنا ماضيك المريض، مستقبلك اللي اتهان
أنا المصطلح الجديد اللي إتعلمته عشان تبان
أنا اللي قتلت عشان أعيش يوم ميتقالك مفيش
أنا العامل اللي جاع
أنا الوقت اقوى سلاح
أنا العبد اللي أستحل، أستغل، بالتالي فل
أنا الضمير، أنا العيون، أنا المُقيد المغلول
أنا الشعب، أنا حواري النظام، أنا الرأسمالية
أنا الشيوعي اللي جيوبه متدفية
أنا الإستقرار
يسقط الإستقرار، أنا الحوار والسلام
أنا وهم الرأى الأمثل
أنا منظومة الكبت والإعدام
أنا الواو فى أمن الدولة، حرف الجيم فى التعتيم
وأنا الدال على النور بالرغم من جهلي بيه
أنا العدم
أنا الفضاء
أنا أهم وأصغر فصل فى الرواية
أنا بداية النهاية
أنا الشباك اللي اتقفل
أنا نكتة بايخة بيتضّحك عليها بملل
أنا قانون الطوارىء وثواني حظر التجوال
أنا واقع عالم إنفتاح الإنحلال
أنا السياسة الشرعية
أنا تقي الدين أحمد بن تيمية
أنا الفراغ وتعدد الهوية
كلب من كلاب الحزب الحاكم المغلوب
أنا مش فرن العيش، أنا الدقيق المضروب
أنا ساعة التسلية
أنا الإلهاء
وأنا القبر اللي بيتحرق لما يعلن إكتفاء
أنا العالم الجديد
أنا الدهب.. الأرخص من الحديد
أنا اللي بيقولك الفقير فقير بضعفه
وأنا اللي مفهمك إن القوي يستحيل تستغنى عنه
أنا إبتسامتك.. ابتسامة خوف بدون صوت
أنا إحساسك بالأمان لحظة قبل الموت
أنا السر، أنا العادة
أنا مش فنجان القهوة السادة
أنا السكر اللي مهما تزود فيه، ميحليش
أنا الحجر اللي مهما تبنى بيه، ميكفيش
وأنا التوب اللي مهما تشدي وتنزلي فيه، ميغطيش
أنا صفحات العاصي فى كتابه اللي مخبيه
أنا ابن الشيطان اللي مقويه
أنا الحبر اللي خلص، وأنا الريق اللي نشف
أنا الصبر اللي زال، وأنا البدن اللي ضعف
أنا.. أضواء شوارع القاهرة، جذابة ساهرة، ساحرة.. كاذبة
أصل أنا الليل اللي مفنجل، مش عيون الناس اللي بتنام زي ضميرك
أنا مش موجود بس وجودي ليه مكان
أنا العدم
أنا الفضاء
أنا العزل والإحتواء
أنا مش فكرة حلوة
أنا الكابوس
أنا الابتلاء
أنا الابتلاء
أنا الابتلاء
أنا الابتلاء
أنا الابتلاء
بكره بكدب، بظلم بعبد، باخد بعدم، بندم وأسجد
أنا الموت
في أعماق التراب كان يسمع و يرى
وهذه المرة، لم ينزلق الى قبر الغرور الذي إنزلق اليه
لم يخرج بتفسير مألووف بأنه حبيب الله المختار إنما
إعترف بينه و بين نفسه بجهله
من هذه الدنيا لا أدري شيئاً
من هذه الدنيا لا أدري شيئاً
من هذه الدنيا لا أدري شيئاً


Beautiful evil..

As a huge fan of mythology, I really wish I invested my college years in studying such beautiful endless stories. I do read from time to time but lately I have been consumed with Pandora’s story. Here’s a small post in honor of Pandora and the gods of Ancient Greece.

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was created as a punishment for mankind.

She was the first woman. We might want to consider comparing her creation to Eve’s. I do believe that most of the religious beliefs are similar to each other only the names of the “heroes” differ and there’s a slight change to their role in each religion. Nonetheless, Pandora was the beautiful, temptress evil created to redeem mankind for their sins. Or perhaps; the sins of Prometheus.

Prometheus was a trickster who disobeyed Zeus and only stirred trouble. He was also the divine savior of humankind as he defied Zeus by stealing fire and providing it to humanity which has enabled humanity to progress

Prometheus stealing fire


The divine gods were displeased and the battle was on between Prometheus and Zeus:

Prometheus tricks Zeus both into accepting the inferior portion of animal sacrifices (bones covered by fat), and reserving the edible parts (the meat) for human consumption. Zeus counteracts by depriving humankind of fire. Prometheus then outwits Zeus by stealing fire from heaven, in a fennel stalk, to give it again to mortals. The possession of fire is equated then with all its cultural benefits: the ability to cook the food, to forge weapons and tools, etc. To balance Prometheus’ forbidden good gift to men, Zeus finally decides to present humans with his own gift, a gift of evil, meant to spoil Prometheus’ enlightenment.

And there was Pandora. Created from clay and dressed up to be a beautiful temptation to men and gods alike.

Pandora’s creation

The stories differ regarding the evilness of Pandora.  One simply states that her creation deprived men of comfort as they had to deal with the hardships of life while she consumed their outcome. In addition to that, the fact that women bear children meant that if a man chooses to refrain from marriage, he cannot have a child of his own to carry his name for generations to come. However, if a man chooses to marry, he either is lucky enough to have a woman who will help him balance the good and evil of life or simply have a woman who will make his life miserable.

The other version we all know is that of the box; Pandora’s box. The box in question was actually a jar cover with a lid. That large jar contained a mix of good in addition to evils that never existed on earth before Pandora’s creation. Those evils were trapped in that jar for good and mankind never suffered of anything other than what they’ve brought upon themselves by disobeying the gods. Pandora was given that jar and instructed not to open the lid but her curiosity got to her and she broke that rule causing all the evil to escape and spread inflicting its harm on both innocent and guilty of mankind. Realizing her mistake, she quickly managed to close the lid saving one last yet crucial component from being lost forever. That last component was hope.

Both versions of the story symbolize a lot of meaningful concepts of life as it is today.

Women are beautiful creatures. Both powerful and delicate. Capable of making or breaking nations. The cunningness of women is definitely one trait that gives women that power. Their soft nature is what makes men strive to do their best to impress. Women can endure pain better than men. Their emotional nature complements the logical and more practical approach of men to matters of life. Their intuition is mainly the engine that keeps those emotions running and without both logic and emotions, life wouldn’t be as vibrant as it is. How Greek Mythology chooses to portray Pandora as the source of evil may not suit feminists, but it does have a special charm. Women back then were usually dependent and mostly capable of inflicting far worse harm than us women nowadays. The mere thought of a single woman causing a great war might seem outlandish now but back then, the abduction of Helen was enough to wage war against Troy in what we all know as the Trojan War.

Nowadays, men are not as “unlucky” as they were back in the days of Ancient Greece. The fact that women are mostly interdependent if not independent changed the whole myth. Chances are that you -as a man- have less pressure to deal with while your significant other shares the pressures and burdens of life with you. Pandora is no longer a punishment. Pandora was in the right place at the wrong time. She was just underestimated and misunderstood. And most probably mistreated.

There is no doubt that if a woman decides to make your life a living hell, it will be one. But if you choose to have her by your side and cherish her presence, you have your own little heaven on earth. After all, Pandora managed to save hope from escaping that jar giving humanity a second chance to happiness that is much pursued.

The great sins of our species haunt us,
The ghosts of history taunt us.
Yet while I breathe, while I live,
I cling to Pandora’s final gift.
The lid was not tightly closed
It whispers in our ears and dwells in our hearts.
Against all the evils that plague us,
It lets us taste redemption.
Its voice rings clear in the dark –
Words of encouragement,
Words of empowerment,
Words of unyielding optimism:
Let laughter dry the tears we’ve shed,
Let mercy heal the wounds we’ve bled,
Let love give birth to new life,
Let hope be the refutation of our sins.
Unless darkness consumes us all,
Unless light cannot penetrate the shadows,
I will cling to Pandora’s final gift:
I cling to Hope.

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Here we go!

If you’re reading this, I will ask you for a small favor. Please wish me luck as I am almost one step closer to achieving my dream. If you’re a close friend who knows what I’m talking about, please just pray this happens and let’s keep it between us until further notice! 😀 if you don’t know me in person just wish me all the best and Karma will be your best friend for life! And I will always be grateful. 🙂