Attention Animal Rights groups and activists in Egypt!

If you’re an animal rights activist/group or know one anywhere around Egypt or the Middle East, please take a minute and share this post. We are already grateful for all the efforts and we have faith in you and your generous support.
My dear friend Nuhad is asking for your help!
She’s planning on sending the Arab’s Got Talent audition story to Fremantle media and we need as much exposure and support to gather signatures for this petition (if you still haven’t signed it, please give us a moment of your time to do).
If you’re an animals rights activist/group and willing to help, kindly drop an email to nuhad_s@hotmail.com so that she can include you in her correspondence.
Thank you for supporting animal rights and God bless you all.


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Beautiful evil..

As a huge fan of mythology, I really wish I invested my college years in studying such beautiful endless stories. I do read from time to time but lately I have been consumed with Pandora’s story. Here’s a small post in honor of Pandora and the gods of Ancient Greece.

According to Greek mythology, Pandora was created as a punishment for mankind.

She was the first woman. We might want to consider comparing her creation to Eve’s. I do believe that most of the religious beliefs are similar to each other only the names of the “heroes” differ and there’s a slight change to their role in each religion. Nonetheless, Pandora was the beautiful, temptress evil created to redeem mankind for their sins. Or perhaps; the sins of Prometheus.

Prometheus was a trickster who disobeyed Zeus and only stirred trouble. He was also the divine savior of humankind as he defied Zeus by stealing fire and providing it to humanity which has enabled humanity to progress

Prometheus stealing fire


The divine gods were displeased and the battle was on between Prometheus and Zeus:

Prometheus tricks Zeus both into accepting the inferior portion of animal sacrifices (bones covered by fat), and reserving the edible parts (the meat) for human consumption. Zeus counteracts by depriving humankind of fire. Prometheus then outwits Zeus by stealing fire from heaven, in a fennel stalk, to give it again to mortals. The possession of fire is equated then with all its cultural benefits: the ability to cook the food, to forge weapons and tools, etc. To balance Prometheus’ forbidden good gift to men, Zeus finally decides to present humans with his own gift, a gift of evil, meant to spoil Prometheus’ enlightenment.

And there was Pandora. Created from clay and dressed up to be a beautiful temptation to men and gods alike.

Pandora’s creation

The stories differ regarding the evilness of Pandora.  One simply states that her creation deprived men of comfort as they had to deal with the hardships of life while she consumed their outcome. In addition to that, the fact that women bear children meant that if a man chooses to refrain from marriage, he cannot have a child of his own to carry his name for generations to come. However, if a man chooses to marry, he either is lucky enough to have a woman who will help him balance the good and evil of life or simply have a woman who will make his life miserable.

The other version we all know is that of the box; Pandora’s box. The box in question was actually a jar cover with a lid. That large jar contained a mix of good in addition to evils that never existed on earth before Pandora’s creation. Those evils were trapped in that jar for good and mankind never suffered of anything other than what they’ve brought upon themselves by disobeying the gods. Pandora was given that jar and instructed not to open the lid but her curiosity got to her and she broke that rule causing all the evil to escape and spread inflicting its harm on both innocent and guilty of mankind. Realizing her mistake, she quickly managed to close the lid saving one last yet crucial component from being lost forever. That last component was hope.

Both versions of the story symbolize a lot of meaningful concepts of life as it is today.

Women are beautiful creatures. Both powerful and delicate. Capable of making or breaking nations. The cunningness of women is definitely one trait that gives women that power. Their soft nature is what makes men strive to do their best to impress. Women can endure pain better than men. Their emotional nature complements the logical and more practical approach of men to matters of life. Their intuition is mainly the engine that keeps those emotions running and without both logic and emotions, life wouldn’t be as vibrant as it is. How Greek Mythology chooses to portray Pandora as the source of evil may not suit feminists, but it does have a special charm. Women back then were usually dependent and mostly capable of inflicting far worse harm than us women nowadays. The mere thought of a single woman causing a great war might seem outlandish now but back then, the abduction of Helen was enough to wage war against Troy in what we all know as the Trojan War.

Nowadays, men are not as “unlucky” as they were back in the days of Ancient Greece. The fact that women are mostly interdependent if not independent changed the whole myth. Chances are that you -as a man- have less pressure to deal with while your significant other shares the pressures and burdens of life with you. Pandora is no longer a punishment. Pandora was in the right place at the wrong time. She was just underestimated and misunderstood. And most probably mistreated.

There is no doubt that if a woman decides to make your life a living hell, it will be one. But if you choose to have her by your side and cherish her presence, you have your own little heaven on earth. After all, Pandora managed to save hope from escaping that jar giving humanity a second chance to happiness that is much pursued.

The great sins of our species haunt us,
The ghosts of history taunt us.
Yet while I breathe, while I live,
I cling to Pandora’s final gift.
The lid was not tightly closed
It whispers in our ears and dwells in our hearts.
Against all the evils that plague us,
It lets us taste redemption.
Its voice rings clear in the dark –
Words of encouragement,
Words of empowerment,
Words of unyielding optimism:
Let laughter dry the tears we’ve shed,
Let mercy heal the wounds we’ve bled,
Let love give birth to new life,
Let hope be the refutation of our sins.
Unless darkness consumes us all,
Unless light cannot penetrate the shadows,
I will cling to Pandora’s final gift:
I cling to Hope.

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Things that might make people want to punch you

I truly believe that one of the main reasons we have problems in the world is the lack of respect and consideration some people display towards others. Whether intentional or not, annoying people is inevitable but then you can easily change that by at least controlling those behaviors that are generally marked as inappropriate. Between etiquette and common sense, you have no excuse. Those little small things you do that annoy others are most of the time passed on it children and the circle continues. I’m not gonna claim that I myself don’t do such things, but I know my limits in general and I try my best to avoid anything that might be considered rude or disgusting. And I do know that apologizing is not a big deal when I know that I was doing something unintentionally. However, when people display such behaviors without regard to others around them or even remorse, I do my best to voice my objection or give them a taste of their own medicine. Sometimes they even claim that it’s none of my business. That is when I simply wish it was legal to punch people.

Here’s a list of things that might make people want to punch you:

  • As Johnny Depp once said in “Charlie and the chocolate factory“: “Chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most!”. Who the hell wants to see you chew a piece of flavored rubber with your goddamn mouth open!? Seriously..! Shut your mouth and spare us the music!

You look like this.. well, not that cute.

  • Since we’re still in the chewing process, eating with your mouth open is also one thing that might get you punched in the face.. only if it was legal.

This is EXACTLY how you look like..

  • People who burp. There’s nothing more disgusting than burping in public. If I can hold it, you can hold it.


  • People who pass gas in public. Do I need to explain why?
  • Being loud in public places is another thing I don’t get. Whether you’re on the phone or with a group of friends, we’re not here to compete.. believe me, I don’t want to listen to how your day at work was and I definitely don’t want to listen to your racist remarks about your coworkers or anyone you came across. (I’ll go back to this one later). If you’re willing to talk loud, at least make it interesting enough. Give us some gossip! 😛

Yes. That’s YOU.

  • LOLing. It’s fine to LOL on cyber space or text messages but GOD DAMNIT if you KNOW you laugh like a hyena, try to pipe it down!! Unless you’re Tom Hanks with your house crumbling right before your eyes (here)
  • People who are openly racist. I’m sorry, why do I have to put up with your mental farts when you’re obviously being an asshole towards others? I get that a lot these days and there is no shame! Bigotry is a big “Punch me!” sign. Like this woman.
  • People who mistreat their kids, maids/nannies in public.I don’t care what they did, you don’t just physically or verbally abuse someone in public and expect to get away with it. NO. Not your kids, not your sister and definitely NOT another human being just because you pay them!
  • People who stand and watch someone being physically or verbally abused. You deserve a punch.
  • Taking your kids to the wrong place. I don’t get those people who take a 2 year old to a movie theater. I mean I understand a kid crying on a plane and I will not be an asshole and ask the mom to keep that kid quiet because it’s a kid and the poor woman has enough to deal with and my convenience is not something I would want her to handle as well but COME ON. A crying baby in a movie theater? How stupid can you be? If you can’t afford a baby sitter or don’t have anyone to take care of the baby, I’m sorry. We don’t have to suffer as well. I mean I feel you, sister! But a DVD player and a TV are more than enough. STAY HOME.
  • Since we’re going to discuss kids in places, I’m sure some of you came across those running around, knocking things over and making a complete mess out of everything. Again, if you can’t control your kids in public, we don’t have to suffer. Assuming that we will put up with your kid’s shit just because they’re kids does not excuse you from being punched in the face because as far as I know, your kid could run into a glass display and get their head cracked while you -asshole- sit there ignoring the little tornado you gave birth to. Be responsible and teach your kids how to behave in public. Or again, stay home. And no. Your nanny does not deserve a punch in the face if she’s taking care of the baby.. YOU DO. Lazy ass parent.
  • People whose kids swear. Yes. When a 5 year old calls me a donkey or a dog or even worse: a bitch (!), you sir/ma’am deserve a sucker punch. The mother of all punches. Repeatedly. Your kid being obnoxious is a sign of you being obnoxious in front of them. We don’t need more assholes in the world. If you choose to swear, please avoid doing it in front of children. Please avoid being racist in front of them too. When I hear a kid telling someone “get out of our country” it’s a sign of racist parents. Believe me, a sucker punch wouldn’t do you justice. And while we’re at it, slap that little bugger across the face next time they decide to display such unacceptable behavior.
  • Men who smoke cigars. IN GENERAL. Cigars smell like SHIT. I don’t want to be near it, and I don’t want it to be near me. I wish I could punch the dude who invented cigars. They smell like SHIT. And I’m sorry, cigars are for Donald Trump and multimillionaires.. who the hell are you trying to impress with that piece of crap?! *PUNCH*
  • Teenagers. Because they’re generally stupid and smug. I wish I had someone punch me in the face back when I was a teenager. I wasn’t considered THAT annoying but I sure would have considered not committing many stupid things if someone did. I learned the hard way that teens are not the people you would want to walk away from. I got attacked a few months back for publicly shaming a bunch of teens who drove around in a parking lot recklessly. They went ahead and hit my car in addition to being assholes towards others. I got out of my car to demand they went to the police station with me but next thing I knew, I was being attacked by 5 teens in the middle of a busy mall. The thing is: if you’re willing to look the other way and excuse a teenager for being stupid while they obviously are a threat to people around, you too deserve a punch in the face.
  • People who do this:

Wow.. nice ki.. WHAT THE FUCK!

A- This is animal abuse.

B- This is a threat to people around (including your sorry ass).

C- You look like a douchebag.

D- You look like a douchebag.

E- You look like a DOUCHE. BAG.

  • People who drive with their feet on the dashboard. Feet on the dashboard in general. You look like an idiot and no one wants to have your ugly feet in their face.


  • People who drive like morons.
      • Failing to use your turn signal = punch in the face.
      • Speeding = punch in the face.
      • Racing with people = sucker punch.
      • Flashing your lights = punch in the face because you obviously don’t own the road, asswipe!
      • Driving slowly on a highway = please.. leave.. I don’t want to punch you but I might do it if you continue with this shit.
      • Using your phone while you’re driving = punch in the face.
      • Some women deserve a slap across the face for believing that just because you’re a woman, you will get away with driving like all of the above!! (PS: I’m a good driver :P)

This awesome video sums it up.. Check out the rest of the awesome videos here.

  • People who double park. Or park like idiots. I came across this image and I think it’s a brilliant idea..

I should print some of those 😀

  • People who cut in line. If I stood there for a solid 15 minutes, you’re no better than me or the rest of us. Problem is that those who choose to be assholes always end up acting like even bigger assholes when they’re asked to go back in line. Between “It’s none of your business” and “It’s my country, get out!”, you seriously don’t know how much punching can your poor knuckles handle. Please know this: you are automatically labeled as an asshole if you cut in line. We hate you, we want to punch you and we hope whatever it is that you came for does NOT work because Karma is a bitch and you’re an asshole.
  • People on planes. Most of them. I mean what is WRONG with you, people?! Can’t you wait?! We’re all getting on the plane, it’s not leaving without you and it doesn’t make sense to cut in line, push and shove people to get to your 32 A seat in the back of the damn plane. And also please goddamn it, wait for the plane to land and the doors to open before you leave your seat and smack me in the head with your nasty smelling bag! What is wrong with people?! I just sit there waiting for everyone to leave the plane and take my time to get on the bus because it is seriously annoying to have to reach for your bag while some idiot is pushing you to get out. Don’t push people unless the goddamn plane is crashing and you want to reach the exit!
  • People who stare. I’m not gonna deny that I have the bad habit of looking (and not STARING) at people but I do make sure not to repeat that annoying thing and when I get caught looking at someone, I make sure I smile just to reassure them that I am not trying to invade their personal space. But people who stare.. my God. Really? Do you need a picture to memorize my face even better? And why are you staring into my shopping cart, lady?! I got that shit from aisle B! Get the hell off my cart!
  • Men who mistreat women and I’m gonna stop at this because the list can go on and I’m surely boring you here but a woman abuser deserves a punch in the crotch. At least. I am always willing to stand up for anyone being physically or verbally abused even if it’s someone I don’t know. And I’d gladly take a punch. 🙂

Click to punch me! 😀

PS: Before you judge my use of foul language which I am also guilty of, please note that I avoid using such language in front of children as I wouldn’t want to be a bad example. I try my best. And if your kid is reading this, guess what? IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MONITOR THEM, NOT MINE. 😛

Please consider your fellow human being. And have a happy Thursday! 🙂