Updates on cat massacre in #Egypt #نادي_الجزيرة

Excuse me for this short post since I’m posting from mobile and there’s a power cut (long live Egypt!)
Since this post, these has been a lot going on. We went to the protest (more pics later) which took place last Tuesday and all went well.


Another old post confirming their practices against strays


The newspapers wrote about it as well but the management is still denying (yet confirming) the massacre. Here, they mentioned that they “got rid” of the cats because they “attack children”.
Most of the people I’ve met in the protest said that those cats were very friendly and they always fed them and never faced such issues.
I suppose having poisoned treats lying around for children to eat is not as dangerous as a few scratches from a probably scared cat being bullied by unattended children.


The latest update is that GSC is currently dealing with a (and I quote) “animal rescue shelter owner” named Amina Abaza who offered to mercy kill the cats found. Mercy killing… I have nothing to say.. really.
Screen shots of thread on ESMA’s group:


Solutions provided by members


According to some comments, Amina is very persistent and the more people object to her methods,  the more stubborn she gets. She also follows that same “merciful” method with animals in her shelter.. the older they get, the sooner they go.

I’ve heard of more animal killings happening:
220 stray dogs murdered in Islmaeliya (bear in mind, this is REGULAR news.. no cry for help) another link



a body of what appears to be a lion was found somewhere in the dumpster in Menya (some people say it’s a dog, trying to validate the news since rumors cyrcle more than air around here)


Those are the living conditions of animals in Egypt:



This seems to be getting out of control.. again.. and I’m afraid it will fizzle down like the previous times. I’ve sent an email to PETA about the massacre and this was their response:


We basically need people from outside Egypt to contact PETA and pressure the government here. If you’re outside of Egypt, please drop an email to CIDinfo@peta.org or AshleyF@petaasiapacific.com
Please help us pressure the government to have some mercy. It’s enough that people are already getting detained and killed over absolute bullshit in here. Let the animals live in peace if you can’t help the people for starts.

Please do contact PETA or anyone you think can help the animals in Egypt. Enough is enough. Strays, zoo animals, pets, shelter animals: they are suffering tremendously. Please help.


Mathaf Museum of Modern Art and artistic Animal Cruelty..

I don’t really get what really excites some of us when it comes to watching animals suffer. I mean technically speaking, I do get it. Mental disease does exist and it’s not easy to admit your own disease when we’re still shaming those who suffer from it yet there’s no shame in being mentally ill UNLESS YOU DENY IT AND REFUSE TO FIX IT. But let’s step back and look at the full picture. Why would you endorse animal cruelty especially when that kind of endorsement suggests that it’s OK to abuse animals whether for entertainment, art or any other name associated with recreation.

We were a bit concerned with that when we saw the live and shocking performance of Ahmed Al Dousary on Arabs’ Got Talent almost a month ago. Till this day, we haven’t received an official apology or statement regarding the obvious act of animal abuse endorsed on the show. I honestly set up my mind on the one fact that whoever runs this establishment has zero ounce of dignity and respect to all forms of life so an apology is my last concern: they need to be treated. Again, mental disease does exist and there are many ways to help for those who seek it (but lack of money is more important than lack of sense displayed in pride of being ethically poor).

Yesterday, I was informed by my good friends that there has been yet another endorsement of animal abuse in the Middle East. This time, it took place in Qatar. Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is now endorsing animal cruelty and abuse in the name of art by a man named Adel Abdessemed. Googling this man’s name brought up some pretty interesting theories as well. This was not the first time this kind of crap goes public and many voiced out their concerns regarding this kind of horrible abuse. Mr. Abdessemed’s series of video loops of animals being burnt alive and bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer were definitely a hit with art enthusiasts. How freakin’ lovely. He already got his fine exposure in David Zwirner Gallery and is now gracing us poor ignorant Arabs with his divine art.

This is a sample of his work:

I’m sure you find animal abuse very artistic and entertaining.

Because killing animals is very artistic.

Because killing animals is very artistic.

This is not the first time his pieces spark controversy. But reading through that post made me realize that even in art, some douchebag has to come up with a brilliant theory justifying those kinds of shameful practices. I quote:

I understand the conviction and compassion aroused by Abdessemed. The work is exploitive and intense. I hate cruelty to animals. Still, I did come away from the Abdessemed piece knowing more than ever that I don’t believe in certainty, that even though the work wasn’t good, I was snagged by the paradox it raised about what kills what. Still, two of the best comments in the Facebook thread came from artist Matthew Weinstein, who is very certain about his position against cruelty to animals. First he made a good comparison: “I’m having my work made by Indonesian children who work 16 hours a day and get paid $10.00 a month. I’m doing it as an act of controversy to make people think about the unjust nature of the world economy. Thumbs up or down?” Of course, I’d say thumbs down, but just as quickly I thought about how the artist Santiago Sierra paid Mexican workers to do things like get tattoos on their backs or to hold up cement walls. Regardless, another Weinstein comment to someone may say it all: “Go cut the paws off a kitten.”

Mr. Weinstein here claims that exploiting children for money and animal cruelty displayed by Mr. Abdessemed is “an act of controversy to make people think about the unjust nature of the world.” Thumbs up or down? Well, how about a middle finger? WAIT!! How about both? 😀

I get it. You want to make a statement. You want people to “wake up”. Sure. Nice. FAHKING BRILLIANT. But how about making a statement that does not include making money out of the misery of other creatures whether human or not? How about asking someone to bash your head with a sledgehammer while pretending to be a horse or a goat or whatever the fuck you want that creature to be? How about getting paid $10.00 a month for a year and documenting your experience? Ever heard of Christine Chubbuck? Let me enlighten you: you might not want to blow your brains out on live TV but goddamn it: have some dignity when you want to state your honest opinion about something instead of subjecting others to the same exact shit you want gone from the face of this planet.

I quote the wonderful Christine Chubbuck’s last message to the goddamn world:

“In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’, and in living color, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide.”

Mrs. Chubbuck: I hereby dub thee my personal hero. May your wonderful soul be flying in heaven where all those poor and unfortunate souls being exploited in the name of art, entertainment and higher ratings are definitely having a much MUCH better time.







And this will DEFINITELY not pass without publicly shaming those in charge. Shame on YOU, Adel. Shame on YOU, Mathaf. And shame on everyone associated with this. And also.. shame on every “art” enthusiast who finds this type of SHIT artistic and acceptable. I may not be an art graduate but art is not about subjecting any creature to any kind of pain or abuse whether mental or physical. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE NO SAY IN WHAT IS BEING SUBJECTED TO THEM OR NO MEANS TO STOP IT.

Please sign this petition and stop those sick practices from infesting our region. WE DO NOT NEED MORE VIOLENCE IN THE NAME OF ANYTHING ANYMORE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

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Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art on Twitter

Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art on Facebook

And hey: you might as well want to send their director Mr. Abdellah Karroum a little email saying hello at abdellah.karroum@gmail.com

Good luck.

Side note: here’s another instance of animal abuse as “art”:


Arabs’ Got Talent and animal abuse

A talent show that hosts a bunch of people to prove that they probably have something to achieve in life is not my cup of tea. Whether you sing, dance or juggle a few balls is totally up to you but what I find deeply disturbing is the fact that a TV show with millions of viewers went an extra notch this week. I’m not sure whether Arabs’ Got Talent is lacking views or talents but this week, they chose to bring a mentally deranged man to “entertain” everyone.
32 year old Ahmed Al Dousary from Riyadh claimed that he would perform a “military show” -according to him-.

The VERY talented Mr. Ahmed.

The VERY talented Mr. Ahmed.

I watched the clearly suspicious man proceed with chewing glass and lit charcoal and nothing was wrong with that other than the fact that someone would willingly do that. The judges were between shocked and disturbed but still managed to watch the man waiting; for his next step. The man moves on to another container and there was a scorpion in it. I wasn’t really expecting him to do much with that scorpion as one of the judges jokingly told him to salt it. The man then proceeds to eat the scorpion! The female judge was clearly disturbed even more and opted to look away. The third judge just kept making facial gestures and the man went on. Watching that was a bit shocking since I’ve watched many people mess around with scorpions but NOT eat one.

The peak moment was when the lunatic grabbed a small snake, bit its head off and spit it then skinned it with his teeth! In the video above, you’ll miss the “biting the head off” part but not the skinning.

No comment. Really.

No comment. Really.

The female judge buzzed him out while the other judges found it a bit amusing and so they went on with playing around on stage daring each other to “touch” the other snakes or even eat one. Not only that, but they BOTH gave him their blessings and considered this horrible audition a talent!

I am not sure who the hell is responsible of running this show but I’m quite sure of the following:

  1. In order for this sick, mentally deranged individual to perform his audition, he must have practiced on other living creatures. So, I can safely assume that he gobbled a few more scorpions and snakes during the week prior to his “awesome” audition.
  2. In order for this sick, mentally deranged individual to perform his audition, the producers and judges must have had an idea about the kind of sick shit he’s about to perform especially that one of those creatures is deadly and could have possibly run loose around the studio putting the lives of people in danger. I’m also safely assuming that there was some kind of preparation as THEY PROBABLY SHOULD BE PREPARED TO THIS.

When a TV show with millions of viewers ALLOWS such a sick audition to be aired AND allow the contestant to move on to the next stage while denying someone with a shitty voice to do so just because “this is entertainment”, I wouldn’t be surprised if more kids started practicing on stray cats and dogs to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Get your 15 minutes of fame, y'all! Set a kitty on fire!

Get your 15 minutes of fame, y’all! Set a kitty on fire!

It is totally irresponsible of the show producers and the TV channel to air such an episode and not consider the consequences. The man is clearly mentally disturbed and this is a green light. Allowing a man to kill animals on the stage for entertainment is not fun nor is it a way to spark controversy. Congratulations, Arabs’ Got Talent: You have managed to create a social media buzz and higher ratings but morally speaking: you have lost ALL my respect and the respect of others who found that episode extremely disturbing. Not only did you allow animal abuse on your stage KNOWING it will occur, but you also: aired the episode, none of your judges bothered to address this clear violation and they also gave him their blessings.

If we can allow this man to abuse animals, I think everyone should be allowed to abuse humans equally. This season we chew on scorpions and snakes, the next season we chew on human hearts and kidneys after gutting a human being on stage for entertainment and high ratings.

Shame on Arabs’ Got Talent, shame on MBC Group, shame on Nasser Algassabi, shame on Ahmed Helmy, shame on Najwa Karam and shame on whoever finds this horrible instance of major animal abuse entertaining.

God gave us a voice to speak out against injustice. I’m utilizing mine to stand up for animals no matter how small or insignificant they may be to a whole lot. If you care enough to make this world a better place, start by defending those who don’t have a voice.


9/10/2103 – UPDATE: we received a response from one of the marvelous judges: please read here.

9/10/2103 – UPDATE: another response from Mr. Ali Jaber: here.

12/10/2013 – UPDATE: Contestant at question speaks out through Twitter here.


Veterinary hospitals in #Kuwait: the biggest ripoffs EVER.

A while ago I’ve noticed that one of our munchkins kept sticking his tongue out. Although it looked too adorable to even worry about, having your cat turn into Lil Bub overnight is a sign of a dental disease or even more serious issues like cancer.

“I was born cute, posers!”

I tried convincing the family that this cuteness overload can be a serious matter until one day, our beloved Simsim grew a lump on the left side of the jaw. It was extremely shocking to see that huge growth on the poor kitty’s face. Needless to say, we rushed him into the nearest vet. My brother was informed that the growth could be cancer if not a dental problem. He asked my brother to go to another hospital where he would get the cat x-rayed to verify the issue at hand. The X-ray costs around 50KD alone. I’m not sure if anyone thinks 50KD is not too much but we didn’t even care as long as we knew what was going on with Simsim. The hospital was already closed when my brother rushed to get the poor fellow x-rayed.

The next day, we rushed Simsim there to get him x-rayed. The doctor examined him and said that he either has dental issues or cancer -something we already established-. And in the former case, he would require some treatment. He then proceeded to explain the cost of such treatment which was around 200KD for gum and teeth cleaning only. A total of 300KD would have to be paid if he had dental issues. If it’s cancer, that’s another case.

The doctor didn’t send Simsim to x-ray until we decided whether he would have our agreement to perform the treatment! He told us that he would give us time to think and then go on with the x-ray! He gave us the impression that it’s either we pay, or hit the road. So, we hit the road. He was impatient and didn’t seem to enjoy the fact that we were a bit surprised to know that it costs that much.

We tried asking our friends and one of them mentioned another hospital but this time; the x-ray cost around 25KD! Already realizing that the first hospital was a total ripoff, we rushed Simsim there and got him x-rayed. We were told the same thing both vets told us, given some pills to treat the symptoms and return for a follow up after 2 weeks. It was a bit of a relief until the doctor mentioned that he would have to remove some of his teeth and each would cost 80KD alone! A total of 4 teeth would cost us 320KD only. Not to mention the cleaning, accommodation and any other expenses.

Here's the result :D

Here’s the result 😀

It is totally heartbreaking to watch your pet of more than 10 years suffer like that but not be capable of helping it on the spot due to the greediness of veterinary hospitals in Kuwait. We’re still waiting to see the results of the treatment but I’m beginning to wonder: what if it’s cancer? How much will those money-sucking monsters charge us to treat him instead of put him to sleep? They’re already implying that if we can’t afford to give him the dental treatment, we should put him to sleep! How disgusting can they be? Pets are family members in this house and the idea of putting “it” to sleep is even more heartbreaking. When we’re being told it’s either the money or the life of your cat in a simple case of dental problems, it’s totally disgusting to even verify those creatures as doctors.

I’ve always wanted to become a vet but the fact that I have a bit of a weak heart when it comes to watching animals die or even suffer stood in the way. I’m wondering how the owners of such hospitals have the heart to charge people such ridiculous prices over services that are supposed to be regular as opposed to operations and such. A dentist doesn’t charge 80KD per tooth, goddamnit! PER TOOTH! Exploiting animals to earn cash? Such scumbags. All of them.

And I thought human beings couldn’t go any lower..


A story of teenage violence in #Kuwait (+18)

A few hours ago, I read yet another disturbing piece of news through Kuwait UPTO Date. The page shares local news and events and this particular “event” was not a new one to Kuwait. According to an eyewitness, a couple of young men started a fight over one of them (probably the victim) mocking the other’s highlights (……) which eventually led the latter to stab the young man to death.


The eyewitness claiming that the reason was a bad fashion statement.


Another commenter specified details about the victim who turned out to be a local male, age 24.

Image of the victim courtesy of Kuwait UPTO DATE

Image of the victim courtesy of Kuwait UPTO DATE

Victim 2

Image of the victim courtesy of Kuwait UPTO DATE

May God give both their families the strength to carry on through such difficult times knowing that the loss of both sides could have been prevented if someone gave a damn to stop those guys from wasting both their lives for nothing.

UPDATE: Image of the assailants on Jimccy blog: http://jimccy.com/3196.html

Within the past couple of years, we’ve heard a lot of incidents where teenagers/young men seemed to be totally out of control. One of the most famous was the case of Dr. Jaber Youssef who got stabbed in another mall after a dispute over a parking space. (….)

The 4 suspects involved in the crime are awaiting their execution according to the newspapers and memorial page created by those who were deeply shocked by the horrible murder. LINK

I have to admit that after reading that shocking story of Dr. Jaber, I felt that Kuwait will never be the same again. Aside from the fact that someone would go batshit crazy over anything trivial and harm someone, who would just stand there and watch someone get stabbed repeatedly in a busy mall and not do shit to prevent it?! I mean, the killer wouldn’t have been sneaking up on the victim obviously since their argument took place a bit earlier. And people still stood there and watched him do that shit and get away with it. He actually went home and met up with his friends later! Did it not occur to anyone standing anywhere in that mall while watching an adult run with blood all over him to at least throw something at him to hinder his getaway?

Well, at least they caught the man. But in another case, the attackers were lucky enough to get away and the victim was lucky enough to live and tell.

On Friday, the 18th of January, 2013; a lady was attacked by a group of teenagers in the middle of a busy parking lot and no one even bothered to do shit about it.

The whole incident started when the victim was stuck in a parking lot with a bunch of teenagers driving around recklessly while yelling obscenities at other drivers. Her bad luck put them both next to each other for a few minutes as they attempted to drive around looking for a spot. The kids kept on with their behaviour, pressing on the gas pedal, screeching their tires and yelling out insults. She stared at them and one of them asked why she was looking. She told the kid that what they were doing was disrespectful in addition to harmful to others and that they should behave. They answered back calling her names and she told them to bugger off and managed to move ahead to control the situation and get away from those kids. Next thing you know, those kids kept on yelling obscenities but this time they were directed at the lady calling her all sorts of insults a teen shouldn’t be using in addition to laughing and moaning. She moved on until she had to stop at an intersection and next thing you know, those kids hit her car from the back in an attempt to provoke her. It unfortunately worked. She stepped out of the car and started yelling that she will call the police. Her sister was there and she asked her sister to lock herself in the car and call the police. There was an exchange of words and more obscenities yelled from both sides until suddenly, the driver tried to step out of the car in an attempt to attack her after threatening to bust her face. As a quick response, she tried pushing the door back to prevent him from stepping out. The kid slammed the door open hitting her in the thigh. He did that repeatedly as she tried to keep the door shot while shouting for help. None of the bystanders tried to interfere. In a glimpse, 4 other teenagers stepped out of the car and the lady was grabbed by the hair from one side and the punches kept rolling. She was punched repeatedly in the face by 5 kids in the middle of a busy parking lot while everyone just stood there and watched. No one even said a word to discourage the kids other than her poor sister who stood there crying and screaming for help. Suddenly, one of the attackers went after the sister and tried to grab her by the waist in an attempt to sexually harass her. she managed to kick him off and the lady being punched managed to escape the grip and go after that kid who ran off to the other side of the car. In a second, they got in the car and fled the scene. Both victims tried to catch the number of the car which could have probably run over anyone standing there but they couldn’t. The victim stood there shocked, beaten and angry at everyone for not even bothering to step in and break what seemed to be a scene from a typical gangster fight against a woman. The kids were Kuwaiti and the lady was a foreigner. Maybe the fear of dealing with deportation or any other shit they come up with when you’re not a citizen came between the bystanders and the woman, but to her; nothing was excusable.

It took the mall security which is one of the high end malls in Kuwait about 10 minutes to arrive to the scene wondering what’s going on. They asked her to go to the police but the victim insisted on having the police arrive first to ask the witnesses who were rather worthless anyways. A couple of people managed to step up claiming that they caught the car plate number and one only offered to help in case a witness was required. Friends and family of the victim then arrived to the mall and it was apparent that the mall security didn’t have anything much to offer other than empty words and a couple of glasses of water to both traumatized women.

What happened after that was even worse.

The whole family headed to the nearest police station to file a complaint against the unknown, runaway assailants. The treatment at the police station was horrible as the investigator seemed to be short fused and snapped at the victim for “answering him back” when he asked “do you personally know any of the attackers?”. Her answer was simply “If I knew any of them, I wouldn’t be here asking for help.”

The investigator even threatened to close the case and brought her to tears.

With no regard for anything, the treatment was harsh and extremely unjustified. After an attempt to cool her down, the family managed to bring the victim back into the interrogation room to finish all the formalities and do the necessary to find those kids.

The investigator asked them to get a report from a government hospital documenting all the assault obtained injuries. The treatment at the hospital was no different. The doctors were rude and apathetic about the whole situation and failed to document all the injuries although the victim pointed out specific injuries that were crucial to the case. One of which was a huge 14 inch bruise on her thigh which was the result of the attacker’s initial attack. There were scratch marks on her chest, bruises on one eye and a side of her lips, bruises on the chin, arms, and leg. She was punched in the head in addition to her hair being grabbed in a firm grip.

After another hour of hell in that hospital, she went back to the police station and told the investigator what had happened. She also told him that she didn’t believe the report was accurate and demanded a transfer to a more professional hospital. The investigator then instructed her to go to the forensic hospital. It was almost 1AM and she didn’t want anyone to claim that the injuries were not fresh or even staged so she went there hoping that there would be a positive end to this night from hell.

The treatment there was surely not better. The place was dark and full of half-asleep nightwatch employees (not sure what to call them since they seemed to lack any professional attributes). The family waited in a beat down office for the doctor to arrive and inspect the injuries. To their shock, the doctor refused to inspect claiming that the law requires a female doctor to inspect females only! They tried to convince the doctor and he refused although the victim made it very clear that she did not care whether he or any of the other men took a look as long as they never have to go back to that place. No use. They tried calling the female doctor and she refused to come down claiming that “the victim has to be either a rape victim or a dead body” (!)

The family left the place physically, emotionally and mentally drained returning home to rest so that they can revisit that hell hole the next day.

The next day was luckily better as the victim eventually managed to get the correct and full forensic report documenting all her injuries with pictures. She delivered the report to the investigator who seemed to be a bit less aggressive and promised to help catch the attackers.

One other crucial thing was the car plate number. The number the witnesses provided was not one that the victim thought looked familiar. The investigator ran it through the system many times and tried to play with the sequence and all but nothing useful came up. All different descriptions. After announcing that the number was a no match, he asked her to visit another police station. The whole process was repeated with the same results. They even tried showing her some images of a female suspect who was in the car with the attackers but she didn’t confirm nor deny since she wasn’t able to see her clearly during the attack. The victim managed to remember some of the digits of the car plate number and gave it to the investigators to run it through the system one more time. To their surprise, the exact car description showed up but since the number was not similar to the one given by the witness who was contacted for confirmation, the investigator told the victim that if they ask to bring the owner of that car in and it’s not one of the attackers, she’d be in deep trouble! They urged her to go back to the mall and ask for surveillance records. Knowing that it’s not her job and that no one seems willing to do anything but the bare minimum, she headed back to that dreadful place and had to wait for almost 3 hours for the security officers to show up. They had nothing to offer but apologies from the mall administration and promises that they will increase security measures and install some cameras at the outdoor parking lot. She went back to the station to deliver the outcome of her visit to the investigator. Needless to say, nothing happened. The investigator just asked her to wait until they do their research and they would get back to her.

Next day, she receives a call from the mall management after they heard from their staff that I went there to ask for surveillance records. The management who didn’t even bother to call the first couple of days was now trying its best to explain to her how they will do their best to prevent what happened from happening again. It was obviously an attempt to avoid any legal action which would have probably been justified due to their lack of security measures given the Dr. Jaber incident that happened a couple of months ago.

Then there was the embassy. She contacted the embassy knowing that they will definitely not allow such an incident to happen to their citizen without getting those attackers caught and punished. The embassy was not of any help as they clearly stated that they will only pressure the authorities to investigate further but cannot do anything more than add pressure if and when needed. They gave her their contact numbers and asked her to keep them updated with the latest.

She tried approaching bloggers, pages and many others to spread the news hoping that the attackers would be caught but only a few managed to help. A couple of good friends and the Dr. Jaber Youssef Memorial page. All the big, famous, and nice bloggers of Kuwait turned their back to this case and one famous one even asked her friend -another blogger- to “start a page and run a campaign” brushing them both off since he’s too busy gathering money from big establishments for bullshit reviews.

One of her friends advised her to approach newspapers and even managed to set up a meeting with a reporter. She met with the lady and told her everything hoping that some exposure would lead to some pressure and eventually the capture of the attackers. Up till this day, that story was never released. The only time her story was released, it was twisted. It claimed that the incident was over a parking spot and that the lady was almost double her real age. It didn’t take her long to realize that someone from the police station slipped the story to a friend reporter. What pissed her off the most was that whoever slipped the story lied about the whole situation and said it was a fight over a spot instead of the real version. The age was not an issue to the victim but it helped her know the source of the story since the investigator wrote her birth date wrong and she asked him to change it but he said it wouldn’t matter.

On the night of the attack, the victim updated her friends through social media with the story and to her surprise, one of them already knew something happened. She was a bit relieved until she asked him where he got his info. He indicated that someone tweeted about something happening in that mall. She checked twitter and found the tweet. The person mentioned the incident while stating that “kids shouldn’t see this”. Kids shouldn’t see what? A woman cursing. But it’s ok for everyone to watch a someone get beaten up and not interfere. The person even went further with explaining how she thinks that a woman screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing kids is wrong. Yes, it’s wrong when you’re not being physically attacked by those kids. Yes, it’s wrong if you raise those kids not to insult people using words an adult wouldn’t dare in their right mind use against people and for pure fun. Against people probably double their age. People who were trying to save your kid’s life by getting her beaten up in a mall for standing up for everyone’s right of a safe weekend. Including yours and your kids.

It wasn’t long enough though that others started tweeting and spreading the news about the story when all of those who were given the responsibility of being the digital voice of Kuwait “bloggers” failed to answer the call for help.

It was overwhelming to see how a group of strangers jumped to help through tweeting and sharing. Especially right after other strangers watched you get physically attacked, did nothing about it and also contributed to the pain by spreading their ignorant, insensitive remarks about how they think you should act according to ridiculous social standards as opposed to help address the real problem.

The problem revolves around 3 things:

  1. Young people nowadays have a huge problem with respect. And before you jump into conclusions and say that same stupid “swearing at the top of your lungs” shit is the reason, I would like to remind you that the kids were already yelling insults -whether racist, sexist, or sexual- in addition to the fact that when you get physically attacked, you rarely maintain common courtesy. Try getting punched in the face while being in a tight grip. And add people standing there and watching that happen.
  2. The lack of security measures in malls and streets here contributes majorly. I mean, how big is Kuwait?! Are we only good at arresting poor illegal residents or what? Why can’t a family go to a goddamn mall on any given day without the fear of having one of them stabbed over stupid shit? What if someone decides to shoot people randomly for the heck of it? When will it be “too late” for Kuwait to respect the fact that everyone here deserves some amount of safety? Getting killed at a mall because of parking spot? A hairdo? Some reckless ill behaved teens? Why?
  3. Last but not least, the bystanders. Yes, I blame those who stand there and watch. Those cowards who are afraid to barge in and save a life or two. Those who claim that it’s none of their business yet still stand and watch. When have we as a society become that insensitive and irresponsible?! Why is it none of your business to prevent harm? How would you feel if one day you were put in a similar situation and no one helped you out no matter how hard you tried to scream from the top of your lungs to the extent that you start cursing? You wouldn’t want to know that because unfortunately, I have.

It has been 8 months since I was attacked at the lavish 360 mall. The above is not the full details of the amount of humiliation I’ve went through with everyone here starting with those kids and ending with society. The police, the 360 mall management, the Sabah hospital, the forensic hospital, my embassy – the British embassy-, the newspapers, the marvelous blogosphere of Kuwait, self defence groups, people on twitter, and everyone who stood there and watched.

A couple of months ago -and to add insult to injury-, I was called by the police station and when I arrived, I expected them to give me some good news. The investigator just asked me to sign a paper claiming that they did their job with the investigations although the last I heard from them was a couple of weeks after the attack and then nothing. I signed the paper knowing that they wouldn’t give a damn to catch those kids unless I was dead. Just to gain some credit. But I’m not dead and we obviously don’t matter unless we are. Out of those incidents, they only managed to catch those whose attacks led to the death of the victim. Well, I should have known.

This incident managed to ruin my life. It ruined my faith in people. People questioned my behaviour and even insulted me for standing up for what I believe is right. Some of the closest people to me even went ahead and told me that “I’m not going to fix the world”. I’m not trying to be a hero but why shouldn’t we all be trying to fix the world instead of looking the other way or even worse: accuse others of trying to act like the hero? It left me questioning a lot of things around. Whether people really deserve compassion and respect; a helping hand in need. Whether I can trust that one day, someone will have my back when no one else bothers just like I try to do with strangers in need. Whether kids those days don’t deserve to kill each other over stupid shit because they lack the manners and the decent upbringing to begin with? It’s one thing to yell insults, but it’s another to take it to beating someone or stabbing them. I was born in Kuwait and my family has been here forever but I don’t feel that this is home anymore. My relationships got worse with everyone and I am dying to leave Kuwait. Because of what Kuwait has become. No one cares, no one will and there is no respect to any kind of aspects of humanity. I no longer bother to go out because I know that everyone out there is probably going to stand there and do nothing if -God forbid- anything happens to anyone.

On a positive note, the only thing this incident managed to do is make me more determined to stand up to what I believe and yell at the top of my lungs if I had to. Some probably don’t deserve my respect but my compassion is what keeps me alive and I will not allow anyone to tell me that I shouldn’t fix the world because as long as I live in it, it is my problem and I will fix it whether you like it or not, whether I have to or not.

I will leave you with some pictures of the attack as a reminder of what this world suffers from. Those pictures are what we have become and one day, you might have a few of them stored on your hard drive to remind you as well.

The stop signs mark the spot of the attack. Full parking on a Friday night.

The view from the other parking lot showing that there are no cameras, no security available to help although the spot wasn't very far.

The view from the other parking lot showing that there are cameras inside overlooking the spot and yet couldn’t capture the incident according to the mall security and no security available to help although the spot wasn’t too far.

The bruise on my thigh from the car door being slammed repeatedly against it

The bruise on my thigh from the car door being slammed repeatedly against it


Bruises on my face and scratch on my neck less than an hour after the attack


Bruises after a couple of hours.


Day 2, more purple
Day 5, even more purple and I managed to grow half a bruise mustache..

Oh, and by the way: I ran my first 10K in a marathon with that black eye and half mustache and wore it proudly. 🙂

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Good friends

Bad friends

What are good friends?

Well, I’m definitely sure I’m not one. I’m an asshole of a friend. A self proclaimed asshole. I have admitted it many times and will keep admitting it to the world: yes, I am an asshole of a friend.

Am I reliable? Yes. You bet your ass.

Am I trustworthy? It depends on how you define “trust”. Will I steal your money? No. Your boyfriend? No. Your husband? Your crush? No and no. Will I take credit for your work? Hell no. Will I sell you out? Never. Let you down when you REALLY need my help? Hopefully not. But I’ll tell you when exactly am I not trustworthy: When you stab me in the back. I will talk about you and make sure everyone knows what an “untrustworthy” friend I am. Because YOU, are equally untrustworthy.

Here’s how you can tell if you do have good friends:

  • Good friends don’t lie to you.
  • Good friends don’t attempt to steal your man/girl.
  • Good friends don’t steal your crush and talk about you from behind your back to that crush twisting facts just to make themselves look better in front of them knowing that they’re hoes and nothing else would work but tarnishing your reputation with cheap dramatic stories about how you are standing in the way between both pathetic creatures.
  • Good friends don’t sell you out for guys. They just don’t.
  • Good friends don’t borrow money and never return it. Especially when they know you’re broke and probably preferred to share your money with them instead of watch them suffer alone.
  • Good friends don’t keep borrowing money AGAIN AND AGAIN even though they STILL owe you and you are being a “good friend” by not demanding your money back and putting up with their shit.
  • Good friends who borrow money repeatedly don’t act like fuckers when you finally decide you’ve put up way too much with their shit. They also don’t initiate douchebaggery and expect to get away with it.
  • Good friends know your secrets and keep them between you two. Good friends don’t run around telling your secrets to everyone else just to make people laugh and shit.
  • Good friends don’t tell your secrets to others in front of you and laugh at it!
  • Good friends don’t go through your stuff. Your very personal stuff. They also don’t steal any of your stuff while they’re at it. And they sure as hell don’t deny it when they get busted.
  • Good friends apologize when they make mistakes and they fucking mean it. They also don’t expect to get away with it the next time they repeat that same mistake.
  • Good friends don’t bully you in front of others and accuse you of being weak just to prove they’re badass.
  • Good friends don’t embarass you in front of your family and other friends and then get pissed when you NICELY ask them to tone it down for the sake of your friendship. They also realize that they can put you in trouble for all the wrong and stupid reasons which are mostly all about their ego and nothing else.
  • Good friends don’t put you in trouble with family and then act like they’re misunderstood.
  • Good friends don’t whine and bitch when their good friends are doing them good shit. Good friends accept the fact that you probably wasted half your monthly allowance on their sorry ass just to cheer them up. And they accept whatever it is that you offer even if it’s not up to their high fucked up expectations.
  • Good friends don’t turn their back on you and make you beg for their help just because “they want to have fun and won’t bother to cut their night of endless fun to help you out”.
  • Good friends don’t make you look like an idiot in front of others intentionally and expect you to sit there enjoying your night.
  • Good friends don’t abuse you and then get pissed if you ask them for space. Just some fucking space.
  • Good friends let you call them out on their bullshit and admit their mistakes or explain themselves nicely. Especially when they have been the ones inflicting harm.
  • Good friends don’t let you do bad shit, encourage you to do more bad shit and then claim that they have nothing to do with it when shit hits the fan.
  • Good friends don’t abuse you financially and treat you like you were born to be their slave/driver/doctor/anything.
  • Good guy friends are usually more manly than you are.
  • Good friends don’t turn their back on you at your darkest times, take it lightly and then expect you to be OK with it.
  • Good friends don’t ignore you after you’ve ignored them for not standing by your side and get pissed at you for that.
  • Good friends don’t eat from your food, sleep on your bed along with their sibling, abuse you financially and emotionally for more than 5 years and then turn their back on you.
  • Good friends don’t use you to gain friends, status and everything with it and turn their back on you.
  • Good friends don’t constantly point out what they believe are your flaws in front of other strangers instead of pointing them out to you and help you try to fix it.
  • Good friends don’t scam you. They don’t ask you to “be partners” in a small business just to avoid paying you a small sum of money in exchange of your expertise in something they find necessary to complete their project although you offered your services for free.. to a “good friend”.
  • Good friends don’t launch a business you’re partner in and never tell you only for you to discover that it has been running for more than 4 years..
  • Good friends don’t ask you for your help AGAIN and put you through a humiliating experience then ditch you after they discover it’s not worth it.. without consulting you.
  • Good friends don’t put you through humiliating experiences and stand there watching while knowing they’re the reason why you’re keeping quiet. Only for their fucking sake.
  • Good friends don’t treat you like an idiot. They don’t assume you don’t understand how they function already by asking you AGAIN to help them in yet another glorious business.
  • Good friends don’t steal your ideas and instantly turn them into a business.
  • Good friends don’t get offended when you point out that it was your idea and you’re not OK with turning it into a business without consulting you first!
  • Good friends don’t act like they’re fine but then try to humiliate you in front of total strangers because you called them out on their own shitty behavior.
  • Good friends don’t treat you like you’re cheap. They don’t get you something fake claiming that it’s original on your birthday just to show you that they did not forget your birthday after 10 years of friendship while a simple “sorry for being an ass of a friend” would do much better instead.
  • Good friends don’t forget your birthday! Especially after 10+ years.
  • Good friends aren’t cheap. Especially when they don’t spare their money on others sucking up to them. A good friend will treat you better than anyone else. Even if he/she does not want anything in return from you.
  • Good friends don’t promise and break their promises.
  • Good friends help you with all their might. Especially if they have all the resources and know all the right people.
  • Good friends don’t scam you AGAIN by selling you shit that is cheap as original.
  • Good friends don’t lie about shit that is cheap when they get caught.
  • Good friends don’t blame others for an obvious scam attempt from their side and promise to give you your money back.
  • Good friends don’t keep you waiting for months to get your money back.
  • Good friends don’t offer to give you your money back in different currency and “missing some” due to exchange rates.
  • Good friends don’t suddenly travel with your money knowing that you’ve been broke and off the job for months waiting for YOUR MONEY to be returned so you can manage shit.
  • Good friends don’t suddenly appear and call you a “bad friend” because you couldn’t put up with their shit and haven’t said “Happy fucking birthday, shit bag!”.
  • Good friends give you credit for anything you do but never take credit for it no matter how good it will make them look. They are not self centered bastard motherfuckers.
  • Good friends don’t treat their friends like they’re competition. Or in a competition with other friends to be their “bestest friend”.
  • Good friends don’t treat you like you’re stupid.

After stating all of the above, you need to know that abuse is not only limited to relationships between lovers. Friends can be more abusive than a spouse or a lover. Especially when you open your home and heart to those who truly don’t deserve it. I am a self proclaimed asshole because I would rather not have a “good friend” again. Distance keeps people on the good side and the pain of not having someone to truly open your heart to as a friend is much less than the pain of constant stabs of good friends. Don’t get me wrong.. I do have some awesome friends but the whole “good friend” shit ruined things for me. I just can’t allow that to happen again on any scale. I can’t say if I’m happy or not but at least I won’t have to worry about real good people gone “good friends”.

For now,  I am not faking shit by claiming I am a good friend. I am an asshole and that’s about as real as everyone else in life. So here’s to good friends:

middle finger


LinkedIn problems..

When I first joined LinkedIn, I didn’t really understand how things went there. Just thought of it as a “professional Facebook” account. Nothing wrong with signing up to another social media platform. Who knows?

Throughout the past couple of years, I have managed to land good jobs through LinkedIn. Reconnected with some of my colleagues and old college buddies and got a few interviews as well. LinkedIn has proved it’s success to me and I don’t think anyone who is career oriented missed out on it.

But lately, there has been a growing trend that I really dislike. Just like any social media platform, LinkedIn is gathering far too many ignorant users. I’m sorry, yes. Ignorant.


When Facebook started becoming popular around here, we were some of those few who signed up not knowing what it was but still encouraging people to join for the sake of it. Back in 2006, only those who knew their way around the Internet managed to sign up and Facebook was kicking My Space and Hi5 in the butt! It was more private, less glittery and people on Facebook were less likely to stalk you and offer their “services” (to be more correct: ask you for them).

Oh thank GOD!

It was finally there for the clean people to interact and you didn’t have to bother about making your profile colorful and that kind of crap. It was and still is your digital identity. The best, so far. We’ve had issues with the new design, the new timeline, the Facebook chat, the privacy settings, and mostly anything Facebook decided to bully us with but no one ever opted out because of those issues.

With LinkedIn, you didn’t really bother with all that since the purpose is to have your CV digitally available for future employers and fellow colleagues to go through. All you had to do is pop your info in, add a presentable picture and you’re done. If you’re really meticulous like myself, you will try your best to get your profile strength to hit the top!



Getting endorsements is not my thing. I can’t “beg” for one and I hate those who send me this:

Inbox   LinkedIn (5)

Do I really have to endorse you? How about you endorse me first!?

My previous employer asked me to endorse his skills on LinkedIn and I did. And he never endorsed me back. So I thought: “fuck it. No more of this shit.” Any other message with that subject went straight to trash. I still get endorsement requests from people I have never even met in person let alone worked with and sometimes I wish I could just reply: “Dude, do I even know you?!” but then I respect the fact that this platform is a professional platform and refrain from letting myself act “unprofessional”. But they sure as hell aren’t helping!

Now to the reason why I wrote this post. Those are some of the minor “problems” of LinkedIn. The major ones that I’ve come across the past few months are the following:

Dude. We don't even live in the same country!!

Dude. We don’t even live in the same country!!

Dude!! We don't even live on the same CONTINENT!!

Dude!! We don’t even live on the same CONTINENT!!

This one is a charmer..

First message ignored..

First message ignored..

A couple of days later:

Just in case I wanted to Skype him..

Just in case I wanted to Skype him..

Really? I even wrote a status asking people to refrain from acting unprofessional and treating LinkedIn as Facebook but then I got that message from the Sudanese dude. How dense can one be?

You might think: “Well, why do you jump to conclusions? They might be trying to connect on a professional level?!”. No, sir. They’re not. And here’s why:

A- Sending a message with “Hellooo” as the subject is NOT professional.

B- Sending me your personal contact details for me to contact you without specifying the reason is NOT professional.

C- I don’t take compliments from complete strangers at work lightly. Especially men. I’m here for business and how I look like has nothing to do with why we’re here unless I’m a model. And I’m not. And although it is good to compliment people, I find it offensive to tell a woman how “pretty” she is or such crap when we’re in a professional setting. I don’t walk up to men saying: “Gee, Mr.! You’re handsome!” and expect things to go “professional” from now on.

D- Asking me where I’m from and where I live when my details are OBVIOUSLY out there for LinkedIn nation to read is a sign of either stupidity or lack of attention. It is also an indicator that you are trying to open an unprofessional subject since you didn’t even bother to check my profile which simply means: you’re not here for business.

Needless to say, I don’t answer those people. It is plain stupid to reply to such idiots who are either too old to get what LinkedIn is all about or way too lonely to realize the fact that if a female adds you on LinkedIn, that does not necessarily mean that she welcomes complete strangers into her life. I don’t even add strangers on Facebook unless I was 100% sure they would not pause a threat on my mental health. But this shit on LinkedIn is damn straight bat shit crazy.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the shit Arab people do on LinkedIn. I was going through my timeline and I saw this (please note the red is a connection and the blue are people I don’t know):

Welcome!   LinkedIn (3) Welcome!   LinkedIn (2) Welcome!   LinkedIn (1)

The above to the non Arabic speakers are political rants and such from some Egyptian LinkedIn users.

The annoying part is that I don’t get why anyone would want to discuss politics in a professional setting.

Unless you’re a freakin’ politician, reporter or a political activist, I seriously don’t want to see you bitching and moaning about shit on my feed. Even those who are entitled to say their political views on such a platform must be professional while they do so. What Arabs fail to understand is that LinkedIn is NOT Facebook and if you decide to display your political views on such a platform, you must bear the consequences of such a stupid decision especially when you’re whining like a baby as opposed to conveying those views professionally.

I looked that motherfucker up and decided to delete him but since that was the first time I decided to actually remove a connection (or more), I clicked on his profile and he received a notification. And then this happened:

Good morning and good riddance, buttwipe!

Good morning and good riddance, buttwipe!

Here’s what I did -> CLICK ME!

And the bitches were gone!


Dear world UNIVERSE:

  1. LinkedIn is NOT Facebook!!!!!!
  2. Getting personal with females on LinkedIn is NOT professional.
  3. Females on LinkedIn don’t add random strangers to chat and make friends or get a husband/boyfriend. (at least I don’t)
  4. Sending anything but interview requests, recommendations or job hunts is NOT professional or acceptable.
  5. If you want a goddamn recommendation, work for it.
  6. If you want a goddamn recommendation, make sure you ask the RIGHT person AKA someone who AT LEAST knows you AND/OR worked with you.
  7. Expressing your political views is NOT professional unless you’re a politician, a reporter or a political activist and those views should be expressed in an unbiased and professional manner. As unbiased as can be.
  8. Unless you’re being pleasant and spreading your greetings for a religious occasion, pipe it. Your prayers should be between you and God. LinkedIn is not the Holy Electronic Mosque/Church.
  9. If you fail to understand the above and still insist on conducting yourself as a social dickwad, refrain from using LinkedIn because I’m telling you: your career will be screwed. And go to this link instead: CLICK ME, DICKWAD.

I also came across this petition through the below article. Make sure to sign it if you have any similar LinkedIn issues..

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