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Regarding yesterday’s killing of stray cats in El Gizera Sports Club, we have created a petition addressing the prime minister of Egypt, the minister of agriculture and minister of justice to bring those in charge to justice and establish better animal welfare laws in Egypt.

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Mathaf Museum of Modern Art and artistic Animal Cruelty..

I don’t really get what really excites some of us when it comes to watching animals suffer. I mean technically speaking, I do get it. Mental disease does exist and it’s not easy to admit your own disease when we’re still shaming those who suffer from it yet there’s no shame in being mentally ill UNLESS YOU DENY IT AND REFUSE TO FIX IT. But let’s step back and look at the full picture. Why would you endorse animal cruelty especially when that kind of endorsement suggests that it’s OK to abuse animals whether for entertainment, art or any other name associated with recreation.

We were a bit concerned with that when we saw the live and shocking performance of Ahmed Al Dousary on Arabs’ Got Talent almost a month ago. Till this day, we haven’t received an official apology or statement regarding the obvious act of animal abuse endorsed on the show. I honestly set up my mind on the one fact that whoever runs this establishment has zero ounce of dignity and respect to all forms of life so an apology is my last concern: they need to be treated. Again, mental disease does exist and there are many ways to help for those who seek it (but lack of money is more important than lack of sense displayed in pride of being ethically poor).

Yesterday, I was informed by my good friends that there has been yet another endorsement of animal abuse in the Middle East. This time, it took place in Qatar. Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art is now endorsing animal cruelty and abuse in the name of art by a man named Adel Abdessemed. Googling this man’s name brought up some pretty interesting theories as well. This was not the first time this kind of crap goes public and many voiced out their concerns regarding this kind of horrible abuse. Mr. Abdessemed’s series of video loops of animals being burnt alive and bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer were definitely a hit with art enthusiasts. How freakin’ lovely. He already got his fine exposure in David Zwirner Gallery and is now gracing us poor ignorant Arabs with his divine art.

This is a sample of his work:

I’m sure you find animal abuse very artistic and entertaining.

Because killing animals is very artistic.

Because killing animals is very artistic.

This is not the first time his pieces spark controversy. But reading through that post made me realize that even in art, some douchebag has to come up with a brilliant theory justifying those kinds of shameful practices. I quote:

I understand the conviction and compassion aroused by Abdessemed. The work is exploitive and intense. I hate cruelty to animals. Still, I did come away from the Abdessemed piece knowing more than ever that I don’t believe in certainty, that even though the work wasn’t good, I was snagged by the paradox it raised about what kills what. Still, two of the best comments in the Facebook thread came from artist Matthew Weinstein, who is very certain about his position against cruelty to animals. First he made a good comparison: “I’m having my work made by Indonesian children who work 16 hours a day and get paid $10.00 a month. I’m doing it as an act of controversy to make people think about the unjust nature of the world economy. Thumbs up or down?” Of course, I’d say thumbs down, but just as quickly I thought about how the artist Santiago Sierra paid Mexican workers to do things like get tattoos on their backs or to hold up cement walls. Regardless, another Weinstein comment to someone may say it all: “Go cut the paws off a kitten.”

Mr. Weinstein here claims that exploiting children for money and animal cruelty displayed by Mr. Abdessemed is “an act of controversy to make people think about the unjust nature of the world.” Thumbs up or down? Well, how about a middle finger? WAIT!! How about both? 😀

I get it. You want to make a statement. You want people to “wake up”. Sure. Nice. FAHKING BRILLIANT. But how about making a statement that does not include making money out of the misery of other creatures whether human or not? How about asking someone to bash your head with a sledgehammer while pretending to be a horse or a goat or whatever the fuck you want that creature to be? How about getting paid $10.00 a month for a year and documenting your experience? Ever heard of Christine Chubbuck? Let me enlighten you: you might not want to blow your brains out on live TV but goddamn it: have some dignity when you want to state your honest opinion about something instead of subjecting others to the same exact shit you want gone from the face of this planet.

I quote the wonderful Christine Chubbuck’s last message to the goddamn world:

“In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’, and in living color, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide.”

Mrs. Chubbuck: I hereby dub thee my personal hero. May your wonderful soul be flying in heaven where all those poor and unfortunate souls being exploited in the name of art, entertainment and higher ratings are definitely having a much MUCH better time.







And this will DEFINITELY not pass without publicly shaming those in charge. Shame on YOU, Adel. Shame on YOU, Mathaf. And shame on everyone associated with this. And also.. shame on every “art” enthusiast who finds this type of SHIT artistic and acceptable. I may not be an art graduate but art is not about subjecting any creature to any kind of pain or abuse whether mental or physical. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE NO SAY IN WHAT IS BEING SUBJECTED TO THEM OR NO MEANS TO STOP IT.

Please sign this petition and stop those sick practices from infesting our region. WE DO NOT NEED MORE VIOLENCE IN THE NAME OF ANYTHING ANYMORE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

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And hey: you might as well want to send their director Mr. Abdellah Karroum a little email saying hello at abdellah.karroum@gmail.com

Good luck.

Side note: here’s another instance of animal abuse as “art”:


Arabs’ Got Talent’s Ahmed Aldousary & his response to Animal Abuse

arabsgottalent1So.. the man finally decides to take initiative and defend himself. Ahmed Aldousary now famous for his controversial audition on Arabs’ Got Talent not only fails to see the problem with what happened last week, but he also went ahead and shoved religion into it. His claims was that he did not eat the scorpion, the snake was “dead” before skinning it and that the show should have issued a warning to the viewers before airing that audition.


Tweet claiming that he killed the snake before skinning it


Still insisting that he killed the snake then skinned it so it’s not abuse.

Mr. Ahmed claims that he killed the snake before skinning it which was pretty obvious as most of us saw during that audition. Now we all know that snakes are cold-blooded animals. That means that they depend on external heat sources in order to regulate their body temperature as their internal sources are rarely supply the body with enough heat.

"Infrared images of cold-blooded animals. Notice the difference between these cold-blooded creatures and the warm-blooded humans holding them."

“Infrared images of cold-blooded animals. Notice the difference between these cold-blooded creatures and the warm-blooded humans holding them.” (click for source)

Why the biology lesson? See, Mr. Ahmed here claims that he “killed” the snake before skinning it which is not considered as abuse since it’s dead and can’t feel anything. What he fails to understand is that a cold-blooded animal (e.g.: a snake or perhaps that scorpion) does not just “die” on the spot. Beheading a snake does not simply kill it. If he simply bothered to learn more about those animals he abuses so proudly, he would notice that after beheading a snakes, it doesn’t bleed due to lack of blood circulation which is attributed to its nature as a cold-blooded animal. So what he technically does each and every time he bites off a snake’s head is cause it to die a very slow and agonizing death. Just because you cut the head off does NOT mean that it’s dead. The body is pretty much alive until there is not enough blood for it to function. YOU PRETTY MUCH SKINNED THAT F’ING SNAKE ALIVE. It’s not enough that it’s dying slowly, but also skinned to add to it. And I bet it hurt like hell. (if there’s anyone out there reading this and willing to back me up on it or even correct it, please do) 

Please watch the video below as it is a fine example of how much alive a snake can be even after beheading it.

I will be writing this in Arabic so that I can send this post to Mr. Ahmed in case he does not know English.

الأستاذ أحمد يدعي بأنه قام بسلخ الثعبان بعد قتله. اللي فات الأستاذ أن الثعابيين من ذوات الدم البارد والتي تستمد طاقتها الحرارية من البيئة المحيطة نظراً لكون معدل الأيض منخفض مما يؤثر سلباً على عملية التنظيم الحراري لجسم الكائن لذلك تستمد الحرارة من مصادر خارجية. كون الحيوان من ذوات الدم البارد يتمتع بتنظيم حراري منخفض يعني أن الدورة الدموية تعمل ببطئ. عندما تقوم بقطع رأس الحيوان يلاحظ عدم نزف الحيوان للدماء و هذا دليل على بطء الدورة الدموية. في حين أنك تعتقد بأن قطع الرأس كافي لقتل الحيوان، تظل الحقيقة بأن الحيوان يموت ببطئ شديد نظراً لأن الدم لا يزال ساري في جسده و كون أنك تقوم بسلخ الثعبان بعد قطع الرأس مباشرة يعني بأنك تعرضه لأسوأ أنواع التعذيب بالإضافة الى الموت البطيء. أرجو منك مشاهدة المقطع التالي كدليل على صحة الكلام أعلاه

Let’s shove religion into it!


Mr. Ahmed thinks that it’s not fair to attack him for abusing an animal and that if we do mind, we should go to slaughterhouses and attack them as well.


So now he’s shoving the military, the butchers and those who “sacrifice” animals to God.

I for one will NOT discuss religion on this platform as I do not believe that everyone shares the same beliefs but let me discuss the fact that shoving religion into this kind of argument not only gives you a bad image; it also gives Islam a worse image. See, when you link animal abuse to an act of worship you do confirm that your religion supports animal abuse. While you claim to be a God fearing and devoted Muslim, you failed to focus on the fact that Islam DEMANDS YOU to treat animals with utter respect and kindness.

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar (Radi-Allahu ‘anhu):
The Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam) said, “A woman entered the
(Hell) Fire because of a cat which she had tied, neither giving it food nor
setting it free to eat from the vermin of the earth.”
Bukhari Vol. 4 : No. 535

If you care to know more about your own religion, you would know that it is not Halal to eat ANY meat and that even in that case you should abide to ethical treatment:

“Forbidden to you (for food) are meat of dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which has been invoked the name of other than Allah; and the dead through beating; that which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by being gored to death; that which has been (partly) eaten by a wild animal; unless ye are able to slaughter it (in due form); that which is sacrificed on stone (altars); (forbidden) also is the division (of meat) by raffling with arrows: that is impiety.” (5.3)

While you are allowed to eat meat, you must follow strict instructions and if you care to educate yourself, Google Animal rights in Islam.

Also, according to many Fatwas (a legal pronouncement in Islam, issued by a religious law specialist on a specific issue), Islam does not allow you to eat snake meat. So while you are busy gobbling on your fun snacks, you already contradict yourself when it comes to the religion part since you obviously don’t know the very basics.

On a side note, your words imply that eating meat is a default in Islam and that is a huge assumption which means that Islam mandates that we eat meat and anyone who doesn’t support that is somehow deviating from the norm and possibly attacking a “sacred” calling. This is where you -again- fail. Islam allows Muslims to kill animals for food only and you can -in fact- opt out of eating meat under the condition that you do not claim that it is not Halal (unless the animals are abused or killed violently and not according to Islamic practice). Islam does not force you to eat meat. In fact: you CAN be a vegetarian Muslim.

Another debate is that this is common practice in the military. If by any chance soldiers find themselves in a situation where they lack food resources, they can and are trained to eat snakes, insects and pretty much any animal they could lay their hands on. I get it. But tell me something, can you explain the fact that you find showing off that survival skill amusing? You can also drink rancid water or even your own piss if you can’t find water (although it is also technically forbidden in Islam unless it is a matter of survival).. why didn’t you opt for that during your performance? Fact is: it is a disgusting show of skills and even those who practice it during military shows should be ashamed. I’ve seen a man rip a live chicken with his own teeth and believe me: I did not find that amusing and I seriously felt ashamed that this is the kind of people that have the honor of defending our lands and safety. I would probably look the other way if it was a matter of life or death but the fact that it’s just for show is even more disgusting, shameless and unacceptable. It. is. animal abuse. PERIOD.

Switching to Arabic;

للرد على أسئلتك: هل جميع مظلي الصاعقه مرضى نفسيين بنظرك ؟ و الجزارين بالمسالخ ؟ و المتقربين الى الله بالاضاحي ؟

خلينا نبدأ بالمتقربين الى الله بالأضاحي. كونك دخلت الدين في نقاش حول إساءة معاملة الحيوان واللي ظهر للعيان خلال فقرتك في البرنامج أكبر دليل على التباسك في بعض أمور الدين و فتح مجال للبعض للخوض في الدين. الإسلام يحث على حسن معاملة الحيوان و إن التبس عليك الأمر في ما تقوم به فلا داعي للزج بالدين في ذلك. التقرب لله لا يكون من خلال قتل الحيوان فقط دون مراعاة حالة الحيوان و طريقة الذبح السليمة والتي تضمن مراعاة حسن التعامل مع الحيوان. أنت في غنى عن أن اسرد لك أحاديث النبي و مواقف الصحابة من إساءة معاملة الحيوانات ولكن حديث المرأة التي دخلت النار لسوء معاملتها للقطة أكبر شاهد على التزام الدين بحسن التعامل مع الحيوان

أما بالنسبة للمسالخ، فموقفنا من أدائك المثير للجدل لربما يكون سبب من أسباب لفت النظر الى تلك الممارسات والتي تندرج عند البعض تحت مسمى الواجبات الدينية. تحليل أكل اللحوم له شروط عديدة أبسطها يضمن الرأفة بالحيوان عند الذبح. أود أن  أقتبس هذه الآية للتوضيح

” حرمت عليكم الميته و الدم ولحم الخنزير و ما أهل لغير الله به و المنخنقه و الموقوذه و المترديه و النطيحه و ما أكل السبع الإ ما زكيتم و ما ذبح على النصب و أن تستقيموا يا لأزلام ذلكم فسق ” المائده آية 3

بالإضافة الى ذلك، أرجو منك الإطلاع على فتاوى أكل الثعابين والعقارب قبل الدخول في نقاشات عن الدين، المسالخ و ما الى ذلك. زجك بالدين في نقاشنا و عدم إلمامك بأبسط قواعد الدين من حيث تحريم أكل الثعابين هو أكبر دليل على تناقض حججك

أود أن أضيف أن الله قد أحل لنا أكل اللحوم ولكنه لم يفرضه علينا ولم يحرم على البعض عدم تناولها و كونك لا تدرك ذلك جعلك تفترض أننا بموقفنا من أدائك نسيء الى الدين أو نسعى الى ذلك. أرجو منك العلم بأن البعض لديه مطلق الحرية في عدم تناول اللحوم بشرط عدم تحريم تناولها و بأن هناك بالفعل نباتيين مسلمين، عادي جداً

ننتقل الى موضوع الجيش: أنا على علم بأن هذه الممارسات تدرب للمجندين كطريقة من طرق البقاء على قيد الحياة في حال عدم توفر أي موارد عند اللزوم ولكن في بعض  الأحيان، يدرب الجنود على شرب المياه الفاسدة أو حتى البول في حال عدم توافر الماء فلما لا تشجع ذلك أيضاً ولما لم تتضمن هذه المهارات في فقرتك؟ و لما لا تقوم الإستعراضات العسكرية بإستعراض هذه المهارة أيضاُ؟ في الواقع نظرتي الشخصية لمثل تلك الممارسات والتي شهدت أحدها متمثلة في مجند يقوم بتقطيع دجاجة حية بأسنانه هي أنه استعراض مقزز ولا يجعلني أفتخر بكون هؤلاء المجندين -حماة أوطاننا و المسؤولين عن سلامتنا- يستعرضون بقتل حيوان بهذه الطريقة الوحشية والتي قد أتغاضى عنها في حال كانت مسألة حياة أو موت وليس إستعراض للمهارات و القدرات. الواقع هو أن تلك الممارسات المشينة لا تشرفني كونها تعد إيذاء غير مبرر بتاتاً للحيوانات

Explaining that he didn't eat the scorpion and claiming that the producers should have  advised viewer discretion

Explaining that he didn’t eat the scorpion and claiming that the producers should have advised viewer discretion

Since you know your segment could be shocking to some viewers, what makes you still defend your conduct since you don’t see anything wrong with it? MBC group should also answer that question since they chose to air it without the regular “viewer discretion” announcement.

بما أنك على علم بأن الفقرة ستكون صادمة لبعض المشاهدين، لما لازلت تدافع عن أفعالك خلال الفقرة بما أنك على قناعة بعدم وجود أي إساءة؟ أما بالنسبة للتنبيه والذي كان يجب على القناة أن تذيعه قبل الفقرة، أترك الرد عن سبب عدم عرض ذلك التنبيه لهم


He claims that he has stopped eating snakes and scorpions 7 years ago and that he was ASKED to do it although he is against it

This is my question to you now: WHO ASKED YOU TO DO IT? Was it the producers? The answer to this question will clear out a lot of things here so kindly do provide us with an answer,

If by any chance you confirm that the producers did ask you to eat those animals, it will only prove my previous assumptions that they knew about what will take place in that audition and that somehow they thought the viewers wouldn’t mind something you have personally stopped doing and all for extra ratings. If that is so, we’re at a new level of human and ethical degradation.

بناءاً على ما قمت بكتابته، أود أن أعلم من أجبرك على فعل ذلك مع العلم أنك بناءاَ على ما قلت توقفت منذ 7 سنوات و معارض لتلك الأفعال؟ هل قام منتجي البرنامج على  إجبارك؟ أرجو الإجابة لأن تلك الإجابة ستوضح العديد من الأمور

إذا تم تأكيد أن منتجي البرنامج طلبوا منك القيام بذلك، ستثبت صحة إدعائي بأنهم كانوا على علم بكل ما سيجرى خلال الفقرة و بأنهم افترضوا بأن الجمهور لن يعارض تلك الممارسات التي أنت شخصياً توقفت عن فعلها و الدافع هو زيادة نسبة المشاهدة فقط. تأكيد ذلك يعد مستوى آخر من الإنحدار الأخلاقي والإنساني

NOTE: This is not a religious debate so refrain from providing us with your religious opinions


Attention Animal Rights groups and activists in Egypt!

If you’re an animal rights activist/group or know one anywhere around Egypt or the Middle East, please take a minute and share this post. We are already grateful for all the efforts and we have faith in you and your generous support.
My dear friend Nuhad is asking for your help!
She’s planning on sending the Arab’s Got Talent audition story to Fremantle media and we need as much exposure and support to gather signatures for this petition (if you still haven’t signed it, please give us a moment of your time to do).
If you’re an animals rights activist/group and willing to help, kindly drop an email to nuhad_s@hotmail.com so that she can include you in her correspondence.
Thank you for supporting animal rights and God bless you all.


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أحدث طرق التعليم في مصر

 😀 وقد أعلن وزير التعليم عن نجاح جميع الطلبة بنسبة وحدة ونص
التعليم محتاج إبداع و يمكن مش هنتفق على صحة الأسلوب بس أضمنلكم ان الطلبة عمرهم ما هينسوا الدرس أبداً و إحتمال نسبة الحضور تزيد بغض النظر عن الدافع
😀 إديلو يا استاذ


18+ Video: man tapes his girlfriend being raped by friends!

I honestly can’t understand this. Why would anyone want to do this? The fact that this is happening in a modern society is extremely baffling. This is not the first time I see this and I’m sure it won’t be the last. And I’m not talking about the video.
There is no video here, unfortunately for those expecting it. I’m talking about the fact that someone would even want to watch a video of a female getting raped.

Admit it. The title itself made you click. I’m going to excuse you this time if you promise to read the whole post. And I can’t promise to make it short because I have a lot to say about this. Read on.

A couple of weeks back, one of my Facebook friends posted the following link on my wall:


It basically say: Man lures his girlfriend to his places and tapes her getting raped by his friends. Watch this video +18. 

Luckily for both my friend and I, I’ve seen this link on other peoples’ walls before and I instantly knew it was one of those spam links you click and all hell breaks loose. I like to call them: The “socially awkward moment” links.

So you're not so awesome after all...

So you’re not so awesome after all…

I understand men watching porn and such but never rape. It is almost like enjoying watching someone getting physically attacked. I highly doubt anyone in their right mind would enjoy such stuff but rape is somehow different to some people.

What I did after receiving that wall post was alert my friend about what happened behind his back while he fell for that trap. It was an embarrassing moment, I can say.

I took a screenshot and asked my friends not to click such links because of their obvious threats in addition to saving their face in front of others.

Now, I know that this particular guy is a very decent guy and it was the first time I see such a thing happen with him. Some of my friends have been clicking away and spamming people unknowingly (which always means more screenshots for me and less joy for them!) but this guy’s curiosity got him in one awkward situation he will never forget.

Sexual assault. Is it as trivial as a simple post about a fake video link spamming my newsfeed and my personal pleasure out of the whole awkwardness of the situation?

A couple of hours ago, I was reading tweets from Egypt about cases of sexual harassment and assaults in Tahrir. On June 30th, almost 50 cases were recorded with one needing immediate medical assistance. Yesterday the numbers dropped to 17 and people still seemed to be outraged by this.

Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault is one of the groups volunteering to prevent sexual harassment and assault by gathering their team of volunteers during protests and keeping track of such incidents. The team of men and women offer help and try their best to prevent such shameful acts in addition to providing psychological and medical help when needed. As per their Facebook page:

The group aims mainly to combat sexual harassment incidents and collective sexual assaults that women face in squares during sit-ins, protests and clashes in the perimeter of Tahrir square. The group tries to save victims exposed to such incidents and also make the experience less severe by observing the square and intervening in case of the formation of such mob assaults. The group also provides support and follow-ups to girls and women in case they suffer from such assaults.

There are many initiatives in Egypt similar to this one and I will be posting links to their social media accounts at the end of the post. Their updates are extremely terrifying and saddening at the same time. But what I’ve noticed as well is the reactions of some of their followers. I’m certain that some of those are just trolls but others are dead serious. Some took it it lightly and even joked about it telling women to enjoy it. Others asked women to stay home while quoting verses from the Quraan. The rape culture in Egypt is at its finest!

No age limits, no one cares.

Mideast Egypt Sexual Harassment

A little “harmless” fun, it seems..

As long as you're a female, you will get it..

As long as you’re a female, you will get it..

Police officers aren't always at your service

Police officers aren’t always at your service.

Fully covered won't make you safe..

Fully covered won’t make you safe..

As we struggle for women rights in the Middle East, the use of sexual assault as a tool against protesters has been a growing trend. While most protests are relatively free of sexual assaults, those women who choose to go to Tahrir to voice out their political opinions are at higher risk of getting assaulted. Some attribute that to mobs hired to terrify everyone from joining a protest. Women are targeted regardless of their age, appearance or even motives of being there. Reporters, observers, protesters, doctors and even children! Most of those incidents were highly organized and it was pretty obvious that those committing it were only there for that specific reason.

During the celebrations in Tahrir Square following Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in February 2011, Lara Logan, a correspondent for CBS, was sexually assaulted while covering the news.

Another young journalist was attacked as well on the 30th of June.  While some of the pro-Morsi journalists claimed the victim was attacked by the revolutionists, many of those volunteering with the sexual assault prevention groups are blaming the president and the ruling party for failing to take assertive action towards those issues in addition to indirectly encouraging the attackers by calling female protesters whores and even blaming them for going there and making themselves open to sexual assault. Take the following example:


This is a clear example of how the Muslim Brotherhood deal with women related issues in general: CLICK ME!

In addition, security forces would rarely help and the victims would go through this with almost no chance of someone successfully interfering to get them out of this hell.

Yasmine El Baramawy is an Egyptian musician who experienced a severe sexual assault along with a friend and survived to become one of the famous victims of sexual terrorism in Egypt. She now advocates for many of those organisations and her brave stand and appearances on TV stations and newspapers gave voice to many women in Egypt who want this disgusting scare tactic to end.

Facebook has tens if not hundreds of pages against all sorts of sexual abuse.. from simple text messages and Facebook interactions to pictures of men harassing females on the road. It is quite evident that we, the women of the Arab world are no longer putting up with this shit.

Having lived in Egypt for 7 years, I’ve been through some of this. I’ve been whistled at, called names, had someone stand in my way and even touched inappropriately in the middle of a busy mall and many streets! There is no shame in admitting this since I am not the asshole here but I noticed one thing: the more fuss you make about it, the less likely the asshole would get away with it and probably consider not repeating it.

One time, a group of young men followed me and a couple of friends around in a mall asking us to give them some attention. They used sexual remarks when they failed to “sweet talk” us into paying them their “God-given right”. I was starting to get mad but decided to ignore them because it was the best thing to do. When one of them called us “sluts” loudly, I lost it. I waited for the jerk to give me his back and I kicked him so hard in the calf. As he turned around, I surprised him with a direct punch in the face and then another. Everyone was surprised to see a girl punch a guy in the face in the middle of a high end mall but I simply didn’t give a shit! His friends froze while he tried to comprehend what just happened. I stood there yelling out everything this guy did while demanding they called the security. I also told him that he was not a man and that he got his ass kicked by a female for running his mouth. That pissed him off really bad as he began to take off his watch and jacket in a clear threat to hit me. I stood there telling him to punch me in the face while giving him my cheek. He just couldn’t do it. The people stood there doing nothing and his friends dragged him away while I kept yelling that he’s not a man and that this should be a lesson to him. Later on, the security arrived and managed to catch him but I told them to let him go as what I did to him was more than enough to teach him a valuable lesson.

Another time and that was the last time I experienced sexual harassment was when I went to Tahrir in 2011 to take some pictures and be in that one place that inspired the whole world. I dressed up modestly and made sure to respect the fact that the place would be packed and that not everyone there would be nice and safe to be around. As I was walking around, a guy touched me inappropriately. I usually give it no more than 5 seconds to decide whether it was intentional or by mistake but the force he used made it pretty clear that this asshole deserved a severe beating. I instantly turned around and beat him with my Nikon D60 repeatedly yelling “harasser!” He turned around and attempted to attack me but thankfully, the men there did a marvelous job at kicking his sorry ass while I walked away like nothing happened.

I can proudly announce that no one attempted to do such things without at least being publicly shamed. I was lucky enough to get away without being attacked as some of those men were young and stupid. But nowadays, it is plain scary. 16 year-old Eman Mustafa was walking with a friend in a village in Assiut when she was sexually harassed. She turned to face her harasser, spitting at him and vowing that she would claim her “rights” back, only to have him beat her and then shoot her with an automatic rifle. Her friend managed to flee the scene fearing that the man would shoot her as well. They finally caught him and a few months later, the man was sentenced to life in prison.

Beautiful and brave child, Eman. RIP

It is sad to know that you are not safe just because you were born with double X chromosomes. It is even sadder to see how society treats victims of sexual assault and harassment. The victims are usually be blamed for anything starting from leaving the house to the way they dress. It is somehow easier to inflict more pain upon the victim rather than deal with the bastards who cause it and stop it from happening to others.

Let me tell you how we feel when we are sexually harassed:

We feel disgusting for allowing such insects to come near us. Disgusted by the parents of such poor creatures who fail to teach them how to respect women. The bystanders who don’t see any need to interfere in such shameful situations. We literally wish it was legal to shoot them all on spot and walk away like nothing happened. We feel violated. We feel that the whole society failed us. The same society that would kill that same man for merely looking at their relative females but would not condemn a man for assaulting a stranger just because they think it’s fun or “she’s calling for it” or any other ridiculous reason they might come up with just to justify their lack of manhood. We distrust men in general until someone steps up and proves worthy of our trust and respect. We feel less feminine as we are forced to man up and face this reality on our or else. We do not care what that makes us as we do not care about how a twisted society perceives us as macho women while they obviously lack humanity. We even start to believe that the minute we decide to get married and have a child, if that child was unlucky enough to be male; he would be taught daily how to respect women until he grows up to be the man that everyone should be. And if that child was unlucky enough to be female; she will have to learn how to value herself not according to what this sick society demands, but according to how any decent human being should be valued. She will have to learn all sorts of self defense techniques and kick ass when required then walk away like a champ. She will learn to distrust most men until someone steps up and proves worthy of her trust and respect.

Dear male readers: rape is not fun to watch unless you first imagine your sister or mother being raped. While your curiosity might make you click a spam link, know that someday, a real video might start playing and by watching someone being sexually assaulted you are indirectly contributing to such acts. Whoever decided it was a brilliant idea to rape someone AND tape it then put the video for the world to watch should go to hell for making a constant reminder of that experience available for everyone to enjoy while an innocent victim suffers forever. Don’t support rape unless you approve it.

Sexual harassment is sexual harassment whether the girl dresses like a slut, acts like slut or is a self proclaimed slut. If she doesn’t ask for it verbally, you have no right to judge her and justify such violation. You have no right since you are not the one going through it. If you still believe that the victim could be responsible in any way, you need to scroll up there and see the fully dressed lady. No victim is responsible of someone’s lack of manhood.

An inappropriate word is sexual harassment. An inappropriate look is sexual harassment. An inappropriate joke is sexual harassment. You want to know what else is labeled as sexual harassment? Always ask yourself those 2 questions before doing anything:

  1. Can I say/do it to my mother and/or sisters?
  2. Will I be OK with it if someone else said/did it to my mother and/or sisters?

If the answer to one or both of these questions is no: it is sexual harassment and you need to stop doing it as well as take a stand against it.

If the answer to one or both of these questions is yes: hand over your man card, son. And while you’re at it, dig a whole, lay in it and die slowly.. we don’t need your likes.

Caricature by Andeel

Caricature by Andeel

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If I ruled the world..

If I ruled the world, I’d remove borders and flags. No more national anthems and religions. We would all get along.
Music and dancing will replace prayers and the only crime would be a bad dance! Prisons will be dancing schools and schools will only teach you how to sing, play instruments and dance even more.
Children will be taught according to the best dance and music curricula. Every famous artist, singer, DJ and dancer will be a teacher. No one will be “a bad dancer” forever! No more weapons, no more tanks.. guitars, drums and disco balls will be everywhere! Pens and papers will be replaced by art supplies and more music instruments.. and dancing shoes! We will breathe, eat and pray music, dance and art. There will be no hate because there will be only love for art, music and dance. There will be no money.. only confetti. You will dance for confetti and pay in confetti.. or dance! No cars, ships or planes.. we will commute by dance! And everyone will sing all day, all night and sleep to the sounds of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and all those awesome mentors! Religions will be music genres and sports will be dance styles. You just have to find whichever one suites you. And everyone will revert to art for communication.
If I ruled the world, I would use music, art and dance to make this world a better place.
Come join our party, see how we play! 🙂