How to: annoy people you hate


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how to annoy people that hate you. I still get traffic from people asking for a quick fix to their hater problems but sometimes I get this question instead: How to annoy people you hate.

Oh boy! Let’s do this! 😀


How to annoy people you hate:

Growing up as a tom boy, I had a lot of issues with people around. I grew up in a family club surrounded by all sorts of kids from all sorts of backgrounds. You would imagine that going through high school is the toughest thing a teenager can go through but believe me: nothing beats a family club where even the parents of those teens pitch in to give you a lesson while they clearly need help for having ill behaved kids. I used to have a couple of good friends who preferred to be on the quiet side of “the party” just like myself and kept things low profile. I used to wear the weirdest shit and have the weirdest haircuts. Either listening to my walkman/discman (RIP/RIP) or trying to drop a ball through the hoops of our basketball court. I never thought I fit in with those “Didi” dancing girls in their skimpy outfits. I’d stand there and watch the 5 chicks dance to that shit with their moms standing there all proud of their little girls representing the darkest tragedy of humanity: teenagers and hormones. And while they used to relate to booty shakin’, I used to relate to the likes of Alanis Morissette, BjorkMissy ElliotShaquille O’Neal, 2Pac and many more. I used to dress like that as well (forgive me, God!). I wrote all about that shit in my previous post if you’d care to read some extra nonsense.

Well, I did hate a lot of people. And it was not out of jealousy.. well maybe a little bit.. but, for most of them, I used to be bullied by a lot for being different. Dressing up like a boy when most girls were doing their fancy dancing and competing to become the next Alpha Female in a small community had its price. The girls were usually in groups picking their boyfriends and marking their territories while the boys just played basketball and hung around the court with some of those cool chicks. I was always with the boys trying to compete. Who would score more hoops and get the Chicago Bulls jersey first. I used to hate it when the jerseys looked better on the guys because they had less curves 😦 but it was all good when we sat there and had our rap battles. Some guys never appreciated the fact that a female can sometimes do male stuff and they also used to give me a hard time.

I managed to find a few good female friends who were not that judgmental and they made things a lot easier. They all went to mixed schools and that’s why they were probably less susceptible to the common bullshit those other kids believed. They were loud, crazy and outspoken. They had their own character and no one could bully them and get away with it. They taught me how to have a backbone and stand up for myself.

I used to pick a lot of fights with those I hated. I would pass by giving them dirty looks and sometimes instigate fights just to give them a piece of my mind. But most of the time, I avoided being around them because that would only remind me of all the bullying. Not to mention, cause more bullying. I also learned to stand up for others and I became known for being the female vigilante of the bullied kids. I would be sitting there singing alone in a corner and a kid runs up to me telling me that this asshole picked on them and they want me to kick their ass. No problem!

Yo. Say that again?!

Yo. Say that again?!

The longer I stayed away, the better I felt about myself. See, when you allow hate to consume you, it effects you in a way. You start hating yourself for being different. Then for not being able to make these people understand who you really are. You become aggressive and defensive. You become paranoid and expect everyone to pick on you. You stop enjoying who you are while allowing others to pick on you. You don’t want to change yourself yet you hate yourself. So when you hate someone, you don’t hate them for what they are, you hate them for what you think they think you are. You’re consuming yourself with their thoughts and opinions about you rather than enjoying yourself and celebrating your independence from the norms of society and what it dictates. I failed to hold on and I started dressing up like a “female”. Managed to put on some eyeliner and tone it down with the boy stuff. The minute I decided to follow the herd, I got accepted. Some of those people I hated so much managed to accept me as well. It felt weird, to be honest. That same guy that gave you shit is now calling you “pretty” and saying hi to you. Was it really that important for people to see me as what society thought was normal to be accepted and welcome among them?

I stopped doing the things I wanted and started doing the things THEY wanted. And I am going to tell you that at times it was worth it but most of the time, totally not.

Before the transformation, the more I enjoyed what I did, the less those people meant to me. I would even walk by and hear their nasty comments and continue without giving them any attention. After the transformation, I automatically craved their acceptance and felt bad the minute they stopped showing me that I fit in. Hate consumed me and changed me into being someone that I was not. I used to enjoy doing all sorts of things but I stopped. I used to sing and play basketball, try rollerskating and fail miserably and publicly as well, I used to not give a fuck about anything or anyone and I was happy until hate took over.

I regret letting hate take over because it made me compromise a lot for people who meant nothing to me. People that I was better off ignoring than trying to please. Hate lets you become what you actually hate. You want to annoy people you hate? Start by loving yourself and accepting that no one is the same, no one will ever be like anyone else and those you hate for any kind of reason might be having a worse day than you. And most importantly: you will never please everyone.

People who bully others wouldn’t need to do that unless they have deep issues. If you find yourself giving someone a hard time, think about why you are doing so. Hating a bully is only natural but craving their acceptance is not. Letting your hate turn you into a bully is not. Letting your hate change you into something else to stop the bullying is not. You want to annoy people you hate? Go up to them and tell them off.

After realizing what I’ve become and how unhappy I was, I did that. I couldn’t manage to go back to my old self but I managed to stay a “boy” at heart. I love the fact that I’m a female and love all sorts of sparkly and colorful shit but I also love the fact that I don’t necessarily have to fit in the normal definition of a female to be welcome by our lovely society. The problem is society taught us that a female shouldn’t be outspoken and shouldn’t attempt to be near anything that ruins her image as a female. Dressing up like a boy deems you less feminine. Hanging out with boys deems you a slut or at least craving their attention if not less feminine. Swearing deems you inappropriate and vulgar while boys can swear at any given time for any given reason! Why? I choose to express myself that way. As long as I am not abusing that right and insulting someone personally, I don’t think you have the right to judge me for using foul language. I don’t think you have the right to judge any female for doing anything a male can do anytime and get away with. I am a man who looks like a woman. I do whatever I want as long as I believe that it is not shameful or harmful and I don’t give a fuck.

How to annoy people you hate? Start by understanding why you hate them and you will be surprised to know that hate is just an imaginary feeling that covers tons of personal issues. Love yourself the most and you will not find a reason to hate to begin with. And if you have legitimate reasons to hate someone, tell them why you hate them and get it over with. You don’t need to fix things, just let it out of your system and move on. That would at least make you feel better and give them a thing to think about while you do that. If you’ve been bullied by someone, just go up to them and say: “I don’t know why you’re doing this but if you have a valid reason for being an asshole, let me know so that we can work on it and stop this shit forever.” they will probably not take you seriously but you will walk away the bigger person since you chose to confront them and give them a piece of your mind. And forget about them while you’re at it. Once you say that shit, forget they ever existed.

I used to have a bully who turned out to be one of my closest friends. I loved how she didn’t give a fuck about anyone but she would sometimes be so mean to me. One day, I went on a trip and got everyone a gift. She refused to take my gift and left me painfully wondering what I did to deserve this harsh treatment. I went up to her and told her that I didn’t understand why she had to be an asshole to me when I was just being nice and offering her a souvenir from my latest trip. She ended up apologizing and told me that she’s sorry for being an asshole and that she really appreciated it and she even began treating me much better. I knew she had issues with people and that she doesn’t trust anyone which causes her to be a bully sometimes. I understood that even before getting her that gift and I managed to deal with her with caution during our first couple of years. I hated her at times but respected her most of the time. And telling her off changed everything. She’s not into bullying now but she’s still very direct and sometimes harsh with people. And she’s one of the few people who managed to be by my side during the worst times.

How to annoy people you hate? Start by loving yourself and being true to yourself. That is more than enough to annoy anyone you hate since you won’t give them any reasons to make you hate them even more. People you hate are people you couldn’t please at the first place. They made you hate them for some kind of reason and it’s mostly because you’re not like them or at least not what they consider “OK”. On any scale. Work on pleasing them less and hating them less but most importantly, work on loving yourself more and that is more than enough to annoy anyone who doesn’t approve of your ways. I’m not claiming that I’m perfect and that occasionally I don’t hate people for any sort of reason. I still sometimes find myself hating someone just a little bit. But I do my best to turn that hate into loving myself even more. And I avoid annoying them for those same reasons. Hating someone won’t help you. If they’ve managed to inflict physical or emotional harm on you, you have a point. But instead of hating them, love yourself for being strong enough to go through the pain without turning into one of them. You’re strong enough to do that and consider them less fortunate for having to hurt someone to be pleased with themselves. Stop the hate. 🙂


How to: annoy people that hate you

This is one important question. Someone was searching for an answer on Google when their query unfortunately lead them to one of my totally unrelated-to-the-subject posts. Given that I am an awesome and helpful person ( 😛 ), I decided to write a post to that poor stranger who is probably having a difficult time dealing with the haters and wants vengeance. Dearest visitor: this post is for YOU. 😀

How to annoy people that hate you

See I’ll tell you a few things you can do to piss people off that will surely work like a charm.. (or not in their case!)

If those people are relatives, frenemies or possibly your sibling’s annoying friend coming to visit; do any or all of the following:

  • Prepare them a strawberry milkshake with a dash of ketchup.
  • Spit in a glass of water, fill an ice tray with that water and use it to make that milkshake.
  • Tell them that you spit in a glass of water, filled an ice try with that water and that they’re drinking your crushed ice spit 😀

mmmmmm.. crushed saliva ketchup shake!

  • Take compromising photos of them. You can always set up a camera in the bathroom and make use of the footage later. You can also stalk them and secretly snap a pic of them hogging a hot dog and Photoshop it for your convenience.. (remember, you have to prepare that dinner to make sure you get that pic!)
  • BONUS: put a whole lot of chili sauce on that wiener! and don’t forget to spit! Needless to say, rub it in their face by letting them know what you did! Or just watch and enjoy while they suffer.

We know you hate us, Obama! TAKE THAT!

  •  Piss in their lemonade.. always works.
  • Borrow their cellphones and place long distance calls or even better: several prank calls (they’ll get arrested if you’re luck enough!).

Their bill should look a little something like that when you’re done..!

  • If you have a pet, make sure to gather some of their poo in a plastic bag, manage to slip it in their bag with the plastic bag open (works for the ladies only)
  • As for the gents, make sure you put that turn on their favorite seat or just lure them into that spot! (WARNING: you might have to clean the mess afterwards!) (works even better with the ladies!)

As for those nasty colleagues or school mates; use all the above tricks as well as tampering with their food, lockers, desks, or anything they use on a daily basis.

This should work..

And everyone will live happily ever after..

Or not..

Let’s drop the bullshit and talk real shit here.

How long will you want to annoy your haters? How much are you willing to push yourself to pull sleazy 6th grade tricks on people you who give you a hard time or just don’t necessarily like you that much?

First of all, let’s define hate. According to Merriam-Webster hate is:

  • Intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury
  • Extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing <had a great hate of hard work>

So now we know those facts: they’re hostile, they dislike you and you probably deserve it.

B*tches gonna hate!

Being a female, I understand how jealousy can be a #1 reason why you have female haters. I get it, really. You walk into a place full of females and they give you “the look”.

You say hi to your colleague whom you’ve just come across and his woman is ready to punch you in the face!

Or you bump into someone wearing the same outfit!

With us girls, the reasons are infinite and can range between similar fashion choices or having a man to plain and simple jealousy over nothing, really. You just have to deal with it. With some females, you’re always on the “HATE” list until further notice.

Sup, brah!?

With men, I don’t think I’ve ever faced any issues. Weird but noteworthy. However, you can have a couple of haters when you publicly shame a guy for doing something wrong. Another thing you need to realize is that guys who bully girls can actually be hiding a secret crush. Most of us have been programmed to believe such a painful yet somewhat true fact. Needless to say, it shouldn’t be acceptable, don’t teach it to your kids, don’t justify bullying by saying that and never fall for a douchebag who bullies you into any relationship. EVER. Just put that in mind.

So how do you really deal with “haters” aside from all the 6th grade nonsense I wrote above?

First, you have got to understand that the way you conduct yourself around some people might trigger negative feedback. I, for one know that. I am usually told that I have one of the most intimidating body signals on earth. I realize that I usually give death glares without even noticing because of the fact that I am always ready to attack when needed. It’s a defense mechanism, maybe. But not an intentional one. I walk in steady steps and with my piercings, I do get it when people are actually intimidated. Anyone would automatically assume I am trouble. But the fact is, it only takes a grin or a kind gesture to ease things up and those who would have probably acted according to how they felt towards me will become nice and mellow.

As for females with their men, always avoid looking. I know this is ridiculous to say but why the hell are you looking at a couple to begin with?! Unless you think they’re cute and you convey that message, don’t even think about it. Females don’t appreciate competition and you -lady- know it! Actually no one likes competition so whether you’re a male or a female: DO NOT STARE AT A COUPLE. Period.

I always make sure that whenever I meet someone’s girl, I give her some attention first and more attention during the conversation. I know men are generally more respectful towards their buddies’ females but I am definite that most girl do not share the same mentality. I never had issues with any of my friends’ ladies and that is due to the fact that they felt safe. Put yourself in her shoes. When you first meet your man’s girl friend, you might have some suspicions especially if they are close friends. You wonder “did they have anything between them? why are they friends? what do they do when they meet?” and such thoughts. It is understandable. You might even feel a bit jealous that your man is sharing his time with another females. For me to just ignore the nature of some females and just assume that she will understand the nature of our relationship is just another reason for her to get worried and possibly unlike me and cause me to lose a friendship. By giving her attention, I am making a new friend and sparing her the agony of doubts and suspicions. I am also doing him a favor. However, you must also know that when you are introduced to the lady, you have to deal with them both as one entity unless she or he decides otherwise and they are both comfortable with that.

With colleagues and school mates, I know it would be more challenging to just “suck it up” and be extra nice to everyone. But being pleasant in general is one key to turning those haters into friends.. or just good acquaintances. I don’t mind opening a couple of doors or lending a couple of pens. Smiling and greeting at times. Nothing more than common courtesy and being plain pleasant. I’ve had some of the most grouchy people smile back by just being nice and I’ve known people who just wondered why the hell are those people nice to me but not anyone else. You force them into being nice by being nice.

Unfortunately, that rule does not apply to all people. Sometimes, I wanted to punch those fuckers for being totally rude but I just refrained from being nice and surprisingly enough, they stopped their unpleasant behavior. Do not suck up to people. Being pleasant is not sucking up to people. Don’t go full Truman.

Just initiate the goodness and see their reaction. If they couldn’t bother less, don’t bother again. If however they decide to give you shit, put them in place with no fighting and no biting. You can always smile and say: “Dude, what’s up with you? I’m not here to piss you off so take a chill pill” with a big smile and walk away. Just walk away.

As for the real haters.. those you KNOW hate you for a  valid (or not) reason; someone who holds such strong negative feelings towards you, you need to stop and think “What the fuck did I do to piss that dude/dudette off”?

That is the question you should really be asking. 🙂

Stop looking for more reasons to annoy someone when you’ve actually brought it upon yourself. You either work on fixing that if you really care for that person’s presence in your life or you just avoid them as much as possible. You want to consume yourself and time with hate? Go ahead. But know that you are probably the reason why that person hates you and they might have not been such a hater if you were more careful to begin with.

A simple misunderstanding might be a reason why someone hates you. One time, I came across a post about a famous celebrity dressed up ridiculously and made a tasteless comment thinking it was funny. To my surprise, a girl replied telling me that my comment was ridiculous and that I should be more careful. She was someone I knew and I didn’t understand why she just snapped at me until I realized that my comment was comparing her medical condition to that celebrity’s ridiculous fashion statement. Whether this girl pointed that out or not, I was plain rude when I used that analogy and there was no excuse. I did apologize to her but she wouldn’t accept my apology and it was her right. One lesson for me and I am thankful for that day. Nothing related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious views or even disease is to be “joked” about.

Apologies are always a life saver. Put your pride aside and admit your mistake and wait. If they choose to accept it, be thankful and avoid being “best buddies” because they would still be skeptical and you will look like a major suck up. If they choose not to accept your apology, walk away without even trying to explain yourself further. Just apologize sincerely and let it be.

If you want to annoy your haters, start by being the least of their concerns and by avoiding to piss anyone off.

But if you really want to kill the haters, do all of that without even bothering yourself with those haters. You only create what you imagine. 🙂

For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.
Sun Tzu

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t do any of the pranks above because it is not cool and someone might punch you in the face.

#30June: I’m busy going back in time!

Back in 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi ignited the first spark of the Arab spring when he set himself on fire in protest of police corruption and ill treatment.

Mohamed Bouazizi

I remember watching the news and then noticing how some fellow Egyptians decided that enough was enough. See, Egypt has been going through a lot for the past 30 years and the recent murder of Khaled Said due to police brutality was the breaking point. Followed by the bombing of the Saints Church in Alexandria on new years eve which was obviously an inside job by the government. Nonetheless, the Egyptians were determined to say “enough”! Calls for peaceful demonstrations were spread all over with the aid of Facebook and Twitter and the rest is what we all know as the 25th of January: the Egyptian revolution. I must say that 2011 was one of the best years of my life. Regardless of the amount of pain I went through watching and spreading news of martyrs in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain; I learned a lot. I met a lot of wonderful people, fought along with many revolutionaries, organised protests, signed petitions, been on BBC (phone call.. I’m still not THAT famous!), and even a couple of years later, I still have people tell me that I was pretty known for my online activism during the revolutions and that everyone knew where to head for news. A couple of friends and I wanted to help and we set a crisis map to spread urgent calls for help and reports about missing people, needed and available aid and such. The spirit was high and it was my calling. I lived for the revolutions and the people and any dictator was my target.

Today, 2 and a half years later, things seemed pretty bad. Syria is dying, Bahrain’s revolution was smothered by false claims and the people were silenced (watch this wonderful documentary) and Egypt was still struggling.. my efforts were going in vain and the people who once feared to take a stand are now struggling with their past decisions and wishing they stood up for the people. Most of my Syrian friends who once asked me to keep my mouth shut are now activists! I was shunned for standing up for others’ rights and the reason was “stability”. But when the same person accusing me of being the reason behind all the rumors lost their homes and even their loved ones, I was finally right. But I lost my drive and preferred to defend individuals one at a time. This was still my calling and I wouldn’t ever fail a fellow human being regardless.

Throughout the past couple of years, Egypt was struggling as I said. SCAF and the police and now the Muslim brotherhood. All the promises of reform and justice to the fallen martyrs were demolished. Egypt was becoming more corrupt and now, anyone opposing the president is an infidel. Everything the people fought for during 25Jan was not being accomplished and Egypt is now heading to the dark ages!

But not today. Today marks the new Egyptian revolution and I.. I am living it and loving it. 🙂 The people are finally united against injustice and tyranny. Those who yesterday accused the 25Jan revolutionaries of being traitors and agents of Israel and Hamas are now hand in hand with the rest of the people. Even the police are in! People finally realized that you can’t be neutral towards injustice and sooner or later, your turn will come and you will have to take a stand.

I am however skeptical. Those who yesterday killed their brothers are now with them. Nonetheless, I have faith. I have faith that this will be a lesson to many of those and hopefully, Egypt will get what it truly deserves. The people will always make sure of that. 🙂 I’ll leave you with some pics of the Egyptian revolution, take 2!


Protests in Alexandria


A panorama of Tahrir square

with Islam

With Islam, against the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian flag

Egyptian flag


Tahrir square


Protesters in Minya, upper Egypt


March to Etihadiya palace


Protest in Alexandria


Tahrir square


Egyptians in Australia


Egyptians in Paris

Port Said

Port Said

Leave, Morsi!

Leave, Morsi!

Egyptians in front of The White House

Egyptians in front of The White House

Doctors in Egypt are in

Doctors in Egypt are in

Egyptians in Washington

Egyptians in Washington

Egyptians in London

Egyptians in London

Heliopolis revolting!

Heliopolis revolting!

Beautiful pic from Tahrir

Beautiful pic from Tahrir

Egyptian ladies holding shoes!

Egyptian ladies holding shoes!

Egyptians in Vienna

Egyptians in Vienna

Old lady marching

Old lady marching

Protesters on their way

Protesters on their way

Etihadya palace!

Etihadya palace!

Power to the women of Egypt!

Power to the women of Egypt!

This is EGYPT!

This is EGYPT!

This should be the next cover of Time!

And it’s time to GO.



PS: many thanks to the lovely people of planet Twitter for the images. 🙂


If I ruled the world..

If I ruled the world, I’d remove borders and flags. No more national anthems and religions. We would all get along.
Music and dancing will replace prayers and the only crime would be a bad dance! Prisons will be dancing schools and schools will only teach you how to sing, play instruments and dance even more.
Children will be taught according to the best dance and music curricula. Every famous artist, singer, DJ and dancer will be a teacher. No one will be “a bad dancer” forever! No more weapons, no more tanks.. guitars, drums and disco balls will be everywhere! Pens and papers will be replaced by art supplies and more music instruments.. and dancing shoes! We will breathe, eat and pray music, dance and art. There will be no hate because there will be only love for art, music and dance. There will be no money.. only confetti. You will dance for confetti and pay in confetti.. or dance! No cars, ships or planes.. we will commute by dance! And everyone will sing all day, all night and sleep to the sounds of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and all those awesome mentors! Religions will be music genres and sports will be dance styles. You just have to find whichever one suites you. And everyone will revert to art for communication.
If I ruled the world, I would use music, art and dance to make this world a better place.
Come join our party, see how we play! 🙂


Killing in the name of God – The “Religions are like farts.” sequel

If you haven’t read Religions are like farts, I urge you to do so to understand the reason why I am writing this post.

I was planning to write this at my own convenience but what happened today in a small village in Giza, Egypt called Abu Muslam was my sign to start typing ASAP.

As I was going through my twitter feed, I noticed some disturbing tweets coming from a young man named Hazem (Twitter account @7azem122) regarding some incident in Abu Muslam.

According to Hazem, the villagers set fire on some houses in and that there were casualties. Reading those tweets was something I was used to since things are quite unstable in Egypt and every other day we hear about crazy and unfortunate incidents taking place.

But the story doesn’t end. The houses belonged to one man named Hassan Shehata and several others. Shehata and several other men were beaten up and stabbed then dragged around the village by around 3000 men while most of them cheered and a very few tried to prevent this tragedy by either asking others to stop or even shielding some of those who were attacked. The security forces were even there watching this massacre unfold without even shooting a bullet in the air to separate the crowd or perhaps one of those tear gas canisters they so willingly used during the many protests throughout the past 2 and a half years.

They just waited for those hooligans to finish their business with the victims, enjoy their little victory dance (more like dragging the body while chanting Allahu Akbar!) and then drop those bodies by their vehicles to later be stacked like trash.

The reason why this happened? Those men were Shiites.

Let’s go back to the times when religion was first tainted by politics. When the whole argument about “who deserves to lead the Muslim nation” after the departure of prophet Mohammed sparked what seems to be the main reason why Muslims don’t mind blowing up each other in the name of religion nowadays. They all agree on the essence of Islam but disagree on who should have lead them after that.



As the hate and sectarian divide grew between Sunnis and Shiites throughout the years, millions were brought up to believe that “the other” deserves to go to hell for not choosing their way. Insults were thrown back and forth. Many other things that I choose not to include in my post as my purpose is not to discuss those views in particular rather than the fact that it is truly a big shame to see such division and such hatred between people who are eventually called Muslim.

But let’s not forget that behind all the ignorance are more ignorant and highly influential individuals. Many of the so-called “Sheikhs” and “Imams” in Egypt are willing to label anyone “infidel” for going against the regime. Protesters are being called infidels. Reporters are also called infidels for expressing their opinions which are clearly in no favor to the ruling party. Women are regarded as whores and infidels if they decide to voice out their concerns regarding sexual harassment, rape or even female circumcision. It is somehow “Halal” to kill those who “stand in the path of Islam and and an Islamic nation”.

It’s no wonder when the Muslim Brotherhood and most “Islamic” political parties use those sheikhs to impose their political agendas by influencing the poor and naive masses. Shiites would automatically be infidel #1 on the list of those to be killed even though President Morsi made it clear that he is willing to sell his mother to the devil for the MB. Morsi who a couple of weeks back announced he’s cutting ties with the Syrian regime in an attempt to polish his tarnished and almost non existing popularity check here, ironically forgot that a few months back, he actually got down and funky with Assad’s BFF click for steamy photo!

The Sheikhs were always there to lead by example. On many occasions, they would be around quoting out of context verses of Quraan, asking people to denounce the infidels as well as threaten to abolish whoever stands in the way. National TV was now a podium to men with shaggy beards and poor communication skills calling the opposition infidels, asking people to take action against them as well as sucking up to the president and the rest of the “Islamists”. They are shameless and disgusting yet never too shy to lie or even say complete nonsense on national TV. They had their fans and it was sad but no one could do anything about it.

Those Sheikhs tried the “Christian VS Muslim” game to keep the people distracted but a country of old history and solid ties between its people crushed all attempts. Well, not all. Some people fell for it but the majority of the people stood against it and sooner than later, it wasn’t going to work anymore. The Copts were not a minority as they -the “Islamists”- tried to insist and the Muslims (moderate, normal, HUMAN ones) made it pretty clear that there will be no such rubbish in 25Jan-Egypt. This trick was once used by the Mubarak regime on new years eve of 2011 when they decided to play the “religion” card to maintain some control over the exploding situation since the neighbors in Tunisia were working on their freedom. (Check here). As the anger and resentment towards Morsi’s failure to comply to what this position demands grew bigger and bigger, the regime will no doubt resort to any trick to distract people from the 30th of June. Nonetheless, those attempts are clear enough and the extremists are being shunned by everyone and they all thought they lived happily ever after until today.

The dirty tricks are on a whole new level. They managed to shock a whole nation when they turned a somewhat quiet village into a scene from a horror movie. The men were attacked for stating their beliefs which obviously insulted some people. 3000 of them.

In a normal situation, away from the killing and the dragging, I would have included this man in the list of people I’d verbally bash but since this guy got more than a bashing, I will refrain from doing so. I only support verbal bashing and killing someone for saying something you might not agree with is NOT OK.

The extremists stepped their game up by directing the spotlight on the Shiites of Egypt instead of the Copts. Considered a minority to a majority of Sunnis, it was about time. Last month, the hate speech towards Shiites started to spread. Posters and signs in villages, streets and even malls stating “Shiites are infidels” were everywhere. There was no shame in it since they made it very clear to add their logos.

Together against Shiites
They insult Sahaba
They alter the Quraan
They kill Sunnis
Please note Al Nour party’s logo (an ultra-conservative Islamist political party)

So-called sheikhs were also in whether on national TV or even in the presence of a president who is supposedly from the people and for the people. The campaigns by the MBs & Salafists were “in the name of” supporting Syria.

The brilliant Bassem Youssif was somehow looking into the future when he pointed out the obvious threats of such acts which took place right in front of the president of Egypt on this week’s episode of El Bernameg.

I wish there were English subtitles but for those of you who don’t understand Arabic, it is pretty apparent that all the filth was being said in the presence of a man in charge of 80+ million individuals with different religious beliefs. (Skip to minute 17).

If you decide to search youtube for videos, there is an abundance of hate filled videos of old and bitter men in beards and turbans (or not) yelling at infidel Shiites/Sunnis. It’s just pathetic.

There were also reports that groups of men roamed around some villages telling people through speakers to announce Jihad on Shiites and that it’s time to get them out and clean the country once and for all.

And there was it. The attack and murder of 4 Shiites in Abu Muslam. The videos I’ve seen are so graphic, it left my stomach in knots. The fact that 3000 men just stood there watching and cheering others beating helpless men to death was beyond barbaric. The fact that anyone justifies this shameless act just for the fact that those men have different beliefs or even insult the Sahaba is even more sickening.

And believe me, the responses on Twitter were more sickening. Some actually went to the extent of congratulating the Umma on that achievement and wishing the rest would join the victims. I wonder how Muslims denounce Islamophobia while THAT is what they present to the world. And the funny thing is that each “Muslim” separately will proudly announce that Islam taught them how to respect all religions. Well, how about respecting your OWN religion first!?

As far as I know, prophet Mohammed and the Sahaba endured far worse than a couple of bad words and they managed to deliver their divine message very well. No one was instructed to kill someone even when things like throwing stool and trash on the prophet was a daily routine that the prophet learned to tolerate to deliver his message in peace. The Quraan never stated that it’s OK to kill people for having different beliefs. The Quraan was also very clear about the fact that two Muslims fighting each other would go to hell regardless of the reason. The fact that Islam has been tainted by all those extremists is the reason why I wrote this post.

Why is it that we must -as human beings- have someone dictate what’s right and wrong and follow it blindly? When someone claims to be a scholar of Islam and starts spreading hate and ignorance that only reflect his upbringing and lack of knowledge and tolerance towards anything defined as the other whether it was a different religious belief, gender, race or even political views. It is pretty evident that people still don’t understand the purpose of religion since some clearly miss out on the fact that we are “allegedly” superior beings and that piece of shit on our shoulders covered with hair (if you’re lucky enough) and other vital organs also harbors a tool that separates us from animals. It’s called a BRAIN. And yes, you need to use it to be qualified as a superior being.

You don’t need someone to point out that someone else insulting your mother is not enough reason to kill them although it might be considered a major no-no. What happened to turning the other cheek? Insulting any religious figure is a no-no but you don’t necessarily have to kill people for it. Why don’t Muslims get offended when Jesus is mocked in cartoons, movies and youtube videos? Where is it mentioned in any holy book that it’s OK to kill in the name of God? And if religion was supposed to be your guide through life, why do you choose a dark and bloody path to go to heaven? God gave you many ways, choose the nice and pleasant one for a change?

How people choose to portray their faith in God and their means to heaven are so twisted.

And those who choose to look the other way just because “well, their leaders provoke such actions and they’re also murdering our people somewhere else!” have a special place awaiting..

And to those who don’t even bother:

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. – Dante Alighieri

This.. is a moral crisis.

***DISCLAIMER: This post is neither in favor of Shiites, nor Sunnis. I am HUMAN. Something you should consider being if you choose to misinterpret the above. If you favor butthurt over common sense, SELF EDUCATE!

PS: Stay tuned for part three. 😉
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I want my jellybeans.

Watching this video makes me sad. It makes me want to disconnect from all the technology, get on a plane and do something I really love away from all the shit that TV, Internet and newspaper bring my way unwillingly.

I want to go out and run more.

I want to swim and sunbathe, play with some kids on the street. Help an old man cross the road, discuss the importance of sticking to school and ignoring the bullies with the 8 year old girl selling napkins on the streets of Cairo. I want to paint and draw. Learn how to play “Happy Birthday” on the guitar again while attempting to tune it.

I want to play with butterflies and cats. Sleep on a beach with a dead butterfly staring back at me. Telling me her story and how she fell while on duty. I want to stare at the traffic from above the bridge while waving to the truck drivers. I want to take pictures with the rickshaw drivers welcoming me to their small town. Take pictures of the hens and bunnies.

I want to watch the sunrise and the sunset while listening to Pink Floyd. Walk around with deeply tanned shoulders and hair that smells like wind and sea.. and coconut.

I want to go visit the aquarium and enjoy life under the sea. Imagining what it would be like to be a mermaid.

I want to dance with the bedouins of Sinai.. sip on some thyme tea brewed on man made fire. Mess with the camels and tease the belly dancer for obviously not having what it takes to shake that belly!

I want to go on long trips to far places and enjoy the stops. Tiptoe around dirty bathrooms and walk out like a champ!

I want to roam around Khan El Khalili and greet the lovely people trying to convince me to “come and take a look”.

Try on some rings and bracelets and trinkets.. old yet lovely trinkets. And that awesome belly dancing suit!

I want to chitchat with random strangers and discuss which side I find better: my mother’s side or father’s side.

I want to enjoy traditional Egyptian food with awesome friends early in the morning.. right after we spent all night partying and celebrating someone’s achievement. I want to have seafood with the girls and enjoy a walk down the streets on a lazy summer afternoon.

I want to ride horses.. and gallop off away from everyone.. watch everyone fade away behind.. with me and that beautiful beast roaming around history.. us against the world.

I want to go out on my own. Catch that lousy movie on my own. Go shopping on my own. Go to sleep on my own.

I want to ride the train and watch the countryside. Watch cows and donkeys carry men and children racing.

I want to sip my cup of coffee at the airport.. looking at people as they worry about things small and big. And wonder if this will be my last trip home.. or away from home.

I want my jellybeans.. I want my life back.